Prosecute Belfast Council Dog Warden Alexandra Lightfoot for perjury.
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Barra McGrory QC

Prosecute Belfast Council Dog Warden Alexandra Lightfoot for perjury.

    1. Timothy Worel
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      Timothy Worel

      Merthyr Tydfil, United Kingdom

Lennox, a six year old American Bulldog / Labrador cross, was killed by Belfast City Council under the provisions of the Dangerous Dogs Act, despite the fact that he has never attacked or bitten anyone, and he doesn't fit the DNA profile of any designated breed.

Lennox was a service dog to a sick child, and was loved by his human guardians.

Lightfoot was a key witness in the case. She told the learned Judge who heard the Council's application for a Destruction Order that she was terrified of Lennox, yet images posted to the Internet show her petting and cuddling him. Whilst opinions and emotions vary from person to person, nobody will cuddle a dog they claim to be scared of. Therefore, she has lied to the Court.

Her testimony was given under oath. This constitutes perjury, which carries a sentence of up to seven years imprisonment. Her testimony materially affected the outcome of the case. She should be prosecuted for perjury.


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    • Steph Rasmussen NEW DENVER, CANADA
      • about 2 years ago

      I believe Lennox's case was treated unjustly. There were many reasonable solutions that were disregarded without proper reasoning. This particular warden lacks the education and knowledge required for the position. She should take the stand as an advocate for the animals she is to "protect", this was clearly Not the case. The animal thus pays the price based on unreasonable hysteria of a breed and a false sense of security the BSL law brings.

      • about 2 years ago

      Committing Perjury is a serious offence, but to lie in court to kill an innocent is out of order, she needs to serve her time! Love and miss you lennox #LennoxArmy #ForeverLennox

    • Ruth Trottow LOCKPORT, NY
      • about 2 years ago

      This individual lied under oath and should be held accountable for her actions. She is a disgrace , and her lies caused much pain and suffering to others.

    • Floyd Blevins OWASSO, OK
      • about 2 years ago

      Lennox was not a pit bull and had no history of aggression. Lightfoot obviously had some kind of axe to grind and lied through her teeth to get her way. If it were up to me she would spend 2 years sleeping on sawdust mixed with her own feces and urine, and at the end of that time be "humanely put down".

    • Paola Gabriele ROVERETO, ITALY
      • about 2 years ago

      I am very sad and terribly angry at the thought of the nightmare that innocent dog and his family had to go through during these two years! I hope all the people involved will pay for their foolish cruelty!


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