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Please Change this Contract.

    1. Dominick Mortarotti
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      Dominick Mortarotti

      Oakland, CA

In 2012, the Supreme Court of the United States recognized a 'ministerial exception' to discrimination and employment laws. This became a national impetus for diocese to change their contracts that they have with their employees. Unfortunately this stripped those employees from protection against discrimination. 

In Cincinnati Catholic schools, many teachers have already been fired for not following several official church positions on gay rights. Prohibited actions include: "Public support or publicly living together outside marriage"; "Public support of or sexual activity out of wedlock"; "Public support of or homosexual lifestyle"; “Public support of or use of abortion";"Public support of or use of a surrogate mother"; "Public support of or use of in vitro fertilization or artificial insemination"; "Public membership in organizations whose mission and message are incompatible with Catholic doctrine or morals."

Bishop Barber, of Oakland California, has changed the contract of the diocese to redefine teachers as ministers, leaving them defenseless and unable to sue if they are fired for discriminatory reasons.  This change goes not only against what it means to be Christian, but the charism of Bishop O’Dowd High School. Many teachers cannot support this contract. Those who cannot afford to quit will be forced to lie, and our community will lose many valuable teachers. 

Thus, we the students, parents, and all those with a vested interest in supporting the values of equality, openness, and friendship do petition Bishop Barber and the diocese of Oakland to keep the old contract. Or at the very least extend the deadline an additional year so our school may adapt and negotiate a new contract in an open dialogue. 

Diocese of Oakland
Bishop Michael Barber, Bishop of Oakland
We the community of Bishop O'Dowd, and all other Catholic schools within the Oakland diocese, and people of the world are opposed to the broad new ethics clause contained in the new staff contracts as it goes against the Catholic values of community in diversity, workers rights, and social justice. We also would like the contract amended as it allows for the ministerial exemption.

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      Dominick Mortarotti
      Petition Organizer

      This morning it became apparent to us, that Ms. Purcell will not be coming back to O'Dowd because of the contract. We will miss her dearly. Let us not cower away from this injustice but work harder than ever to honor her. In light of this we have several goals for this week:
      1) Continue to spread the word to alumnus, donors, and parents. Everyone and anyone who would care and be affected by this issue. The wider our base, the less they can ignore us.
      2) A letter writing campaign to the Bishop directly. The proper way is:
      Most Reverend Michael C. Barber
      Bishop of the Diocese of Oakland
      Diocese of Oakland
      2121 Harrison Street
      Oakland, CA 94612
      You have to address him as Your Excellency and end with Respectfully Yours,
      3) Help set up sister movements throughout schools affected in the Oakland diocese. If you know anyone at these schools ( with good leadership skills, get into contact with them.

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    • John Thompson NY, NY
      • 2 days ago

      I grew up in the catholic church and suffered horrible physical abuse from nuns and priests. At age six I was being sexually abused by my mother and a neighbour girl. Every day at school I had to listen to nuns telling us little six year olds the various ways we were going to suffer for eternity for having sex outside marriage. This from nuns who were terrified of sex. In every classroom around the world there are 5 to 10 children being abused and telling tiny children these horrible things is not only child abuse but brainwashing. To top this Pope Benedict is gay and all the cardinals who voted for or against him for pope know this. Why do catholics listen to these twisted minds who condemn homosexuality yet elected a gay pope and further molest children or support the molesters.

    • Kari Sands MIDLAND, MI
      • 2 days ago

      As an advocate against child abuse, it is my duty and my pleasure to fight for child rights.

    • James Perry SILVER SPRING, MD
      • 3 days ago

      I have known many gay Catholics who suffer needlessly at the hands of a Church bureaucracy that has forgotten the Golden Rule.

    • kimberly flaherty PLANTATION, FL
      • 13 days ago

      love one love all

    • Stan Current DENVER, CO
      • 24 days ago

      the land of the free and separation of church and hate


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