Stop a cruel "art project" about killing a lamb
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Stop a cruel "art project" about killing a lamb

    1. anne combaz
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      anne combaz

      paris, France

In Berlin, two students at the Berlin University of the Arts have built a makeshift guillotine that they say they will use to kill a live lamb if the internet wills it so. The artists have set up a website, Die Guillotine, where you can watch an artsy video of the guillotine and decide whether or not you want the lamb to die.

There is also a short documentary about the project, which shows the artists smoking a hookah and building their contraption.

The project has garnered a lot of international attention, with more than one million votes already submitted. As of 3:00 p.m. on Friday, the "nein" votes are outnumbering the "ja" votes 594,609 to 476,089, so the lamb might just make it after all. Still, knowing the internet, and the vitriol it can tend to spew, things might turn around. There are still more than two and a half weeks left to vote.

Reuters reported that university spokesmen have distanced themselves from the project, claiming that the students have no plans to kill the lamb even if the "ja" votes win out. Representatives from the Berlin University of the Arts did not return requests for comment.
Their 'performance' isn't artistic but instead a publicity grab that they may not realize could inspire other wannabe artists to follow through with copycat killings
Certainly, this is not the first outrageous act committed in the name of art in the past few years, and hardly the first involving the questionable treatment of animals. However, it might be the first project to place the atrocity's outcome in the hands of the internet-at-large.


The petition is now closed as the porject is terminated,the lamb is safe.The petition and signatures were emailed to the university.I will post their answer if I get one.Thank you all for you support.

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      anne combaz
      Petition Organizer

      the votes are closed now,the NO won by far.An unexpected twist to the story: An anonymous buyer from the U.S. has purchased a homemade guillotine from two German art students for $2.3 million.There is no justification for building a fully functional killing machine,and now some pervert owns it.The buyer has not yet decided whether he will lend out the guillotine for exhibitions, or whether he will let the voting period on the lamb's life run out....
      This news coincides with German authorities stopping a planned performance art piece involving the strangling of puppies. The Guardian reported that an unidentified artist had "planned to use cable ties to strangle the dogs, followed by a brief meditation accompanied by funeral procession music and a giant gong."
      Thank you all for showing your support to animal rights.Let's hope no more idiots will follow their example...

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    • Sherri O'Connor BRANTFORD, NY
      • over 2 years ago

      'Art' for the perverted, offered by no-talent sadists.

      May they all have short, miserable lives.

    • Elif Dinçer ISTANBUL, TURKEY
      • over 2 years ago

      şerefsizler allah belanızı versn sizin

    • Susan Dean HUNTINGTON, WV
      • over 2 years ago

      What is wrong with people today, that they find amusement or art (???) in something as horrid as this?????

      • over 2 years ago

      How dare they! There's enough animal cruelty without putting it into art, which is meant to be relaxing and creative.

    • Cindy Franklin PERTH WA, AUSTRALIA
      • over 2 years ago

      Because these are sick people, if they think this is art what a bunch of F wits.


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