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      Christine Osorio

      New York, NY

Everyone deserves a fair education to achieve their goals.

Dept of Education
For-Profit Colleges have been petitioned by others for the simple fact that they prey on students who seek gainful employment and other avenues of interest.

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    • Lynne Prestwood MORENO VALLEY, CA
      • 8 months ago

      I graduated in 2007 with a bachelors degree in animation but I could not get a job in the industry so I ended up at a job at Nordstrom in housekeeping what a degrading job for someone who has a bachelors degree. I am in extensive debt of student loans and Great Lakes started garnishing my wages and I couldn't file my income taxes because they would get the full refund. I am so disappointed with this school and have read reviews about them seeing that many people are in the same boat. They should have to return all the money or stop student loans. If I would have researched before getting sucked in I could have went to a community college.

    • Musette Wagner LAKEWOOD, CO
      • over 2 years ago

      When I signed up with Westwood-South College I had not been in school since 1985. I worked full-time, had two children and married. I worked as a medical billing for more than 15 years (currently unemployed 1 1/2 yrs) making $15.00 per hour and wanted a change in careers, so I thought I'd try Westwood-South College. I was taking full-time classes (12-15 credits) with Westwood-South College hoping to better myself and my family financially. I was told by a foreign speaking representative that I " would be an excellent candidate and would be making up to $65,000.00-85,000.00 per year once I get my degree", which was suppose to happen with only three years of education at Westwood-South College. With that kind of income I should have no problem paying off my tuition since my repayments were only going to be about $50.00 per month, according to the representative. I was trying to get my Bachelor's degree for internet security systems. I was told that if a Cisco class was not available for that semester in the classroom on ground, that I could take it online and get the same educational credits and just pick up where I had left off for the next Cisco class on school grounds. I found out by my Program Director, that I was not able to take the remainder Cisco classes in class on ground since there was a "break between the on ground classes and online classes". I would have to stick to the classes online and not get that 'hands-on' experience that I am forever paying for.

      When I signed up with Westwood-South College, I was told by the Representative that I could take CCIS and Networking at the same time. That way I would get a Bachelors in CCIS and my Associates in Networking at the same time, which is what I wanted. Later, I find out this was not how their processes worked. I would have to get my bachelors in Science of Computers first (3 yrs of college), then go back and get an Associates in Networking (with an additional 3 yrs of college). This was another let down. I wasn't looking for an 8 yr degree. This was suppose to be a "fast track education institute", and it was close to my home. I didn't want to have to take anymore classes, that's why I went into this "fast-track program" in the first place was to get a degree in 3 yrs. When I approached the Dean on graduation day, whom use to be my Program Adviser previously, about receiving the Associates Degree in Networking that evening, she'd told me that I would have to take additional classes to get my Associates in Networking. Of course, I have not pursued this option because my tuition bill has become outrageous.

      When I signed up with Westwood-South College, I was promised a good education and help in getting employment. What I received was no hands-on projects (as promised in the catalog), no Associates degree (as promised by the representative), no CCIS class experience, no ticket for me to take the one time CCIS test, teachers that didn't know English (so it was very hard to understand their accents-class would make fun of the teachers), then there were teachers that didn't normally teach a specific class, so they taught themselves as they went along for that evening class. A Program Director also told me that their Christmas bonuses were based on how many students they can get to pass the class. That's why they rush the students through the programs. I even had a teacher ask the entire class what grade they wanted for that semester, and that's what they got. The only employment they could help me with was Customer Service Representatives positions, making $9.00 per hour. This was not what I signed up for. Granted these are 9 week programs. I just don't feel as though I got my moneys' worth and promises were broken.

      I also found out (which I was not completely informed) that repayments are not just $50.00 per month as told by a representative previously, it is maybe $50.00 or more, including interest, "per loan". So I have 13 Federal loans, State and private loans. The total amount of about $111,000.00. This has led me to great financial hardship, marital dissolution, and depression. I feel that I was scammed on this education experience and have been taken advantage of financially.

      • almost 3 years ago
    • Donna Hays BELLEVUE, KY
      • almost 3 years ago

      Lied to me from day one. now in debt because of this FAKE school

    • nakisha cardwell NORFOLK, VA
      • over 3 years ago

      you know its really sad that the one little bit of hope that people have and rely on means nothing to westwood college. everything about them is fraud. i trusted in there word which ment absoultely nothing to them... they have completely ruined my life. if i didnt have God to believe in who knows the path that i would of choosen after westwood college.


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