To stop gang stalking and destroying innocent lives.
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To stop gang stalking and destroying innocent lives.

    1. Rich Duncan
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      Rich Duncan

      Marshfield, WI

To: United States Congressional Members

We, the following petition signers, and United States citizens, believe that we have become victims of covert harassment in a variety of forms, including: electronic and electromagnetic (EM) device assaults by the use of exotic EM weapons of the military (1) and intelligence agencies, organized stalking, computer tampering, mail tampering, vehicle tampering, workplace mobbing, and surreptitious home entry and break-ins.

Some of this may be unauthorized human subject experimentation. Directed Energy Weapons exposure occur in a manner, which leads us to believe is unauthorized human testing by the military/intelligence agencies. This is specifically prohibited in U.S. law and by the Nuremberg Code, internationally.

Subjection to this harassment has many unpleasant and negative results. Some victims have found themselves isolated from friends and family, experiencing the loss of familial comforts and affection. Many have experienced economic deprivation, and more severe deprivations.

We believe that these invasive intrusions into our personal lives may well be caused or related to, acts of government intelligence agencies, corporations, contractors as 3rd parties acting under the authority of government intelligence agencies, and/or individuals, with malicious intent.

We, the signers and organized groups, through various means have found each other and realize that we have many commonalities of experience, the most pertinent being, the awareness of these activities, perpetrated by covert harassment groups. They seem to be networked nationwide, and perhaps, worldwide. Many may represent a rogue group, in our own government.

These groups seem to have targeted victims for physical, emotional, and psychological trauma. Many citizens have experienced very negative impacts as a result of this harassment.

We have come together and formed working groups, to investigate these acts, seek legislation, to foster awareness, and an end to these described abuses, which occur using secret, highly-advanced surveillance and exotic military technologies. (1)

We call upon Congress and local governments to listen to our complaints, support our very real concerns, and convene hearings, on this unlawful harassment. We are also asking our legislators to draft legislation, and if necessary, educate themselves and the public about the ever-increasing threats to our personal freedoms, by these covert groups, possibly acting under color of law, but actually in legal violation of it, using technologies which may be yet unknown to the public.

The Fourth Amendment of our Constitution guarantees us freedom from unnecessary search and seizure. Harassment by these electromagnetic devices, and these individuals, is an unnecessary search and denies us this right.

We are therefore petitioning the United States Congress to commence an immediate investigation, hearings, and legislation regarding the military and intelligence agencies' use of electronic torture and organized stalking on law-abiding American citizens.

Thank you for your attention and concern to this urgent and distressing matter.
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    • Susan Littleton ODENVILLE, AL
      • about 3 years ago

      I am a target of organized gang stalking since 2001. Among many other forms of harassment, I am sustaining assault by remote electromagnetic directed energy weaponry and low frequency sonar weaponry off and on throughout the day 24 hours a day 7 days each week 365 days each year.

    • mark hammes FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CA
      • about 3 years ago

      I have been gang stalked andd terrorized by Homeland Security Agents for 9 years under trumped up fraudulent justification being put forth by The Above Top Secret Psyop and Psycgitrinic Elite using Information War Technologies

    • Robert Robey LANCASTER, PA
      • about 3 years ago

      I am a target of organized stalking and electromagnetic torture. I am sick and tired of it.

    • trisha perreira NEW YORK, NY
      • about 3 years ago

      a lot of times it is organised crime! an engineer at a military contractor gets a divorce and experiments on his wife, cause she got money , sadistic kids who build bombs build electronic weapons and use them on other kids, and stay this way , corrupt freemasons michigan passes anti electronic harassment law 5 to life, walbert vs redford elec harassment (assault) case won wichita ks, ex army people, spd amphetamine addicts who do it for fun , mysygynists who want some womans job, well connecteds higher ups that get the cops their jobs electricians that get a divorce and use electronic weapons on ex try

    • Linda Snyder CAPE CORAL, FL
      • about 3 years ago

      My life has been destroyed in every way by military personnel, members of management at defense contractors and family members who have participated in these crimes. I have been a victim for many years.


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