Deny Funding for Road to Nowhere
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Deny Funding for Road to Nowhere

    1. Petition by

      Taxpayers Against the Road to Nowhere

Here is a bipartisan sentiment: Spending $48,000 per linear foot to restore Paseo del Mar-- a road to nowhere-- that is alleged to benefit 1,800 coastal households--many, if not most, of whom do not want it and none of whom need it--is an obscene waste of our tax dollars. This is especially true in a city (Los Angeles) whose residents face rotting sewers, crumpling roads, teacher layoffs, reduced hours for police officers and decreased social services for lack of monies. Please do not fund this boondoggle.

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    1. Signers Help Elect Local Representatives Sympathetic to Petition

      Thanks in part to the signers of our petition who voted in the selection of the board of the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council, the two candidates who signed our petition CAME IN FIRST AND SECOND PLACE!

      Ana Ortiz came in first with 131 votes and Peter Warren came in second with 117 votes.

      In addition the 5 candidates who submitted statements to us were in the top eight vote earners.

      We are so proud of our supporters.

      Maybe now our elected officials will begin to listen to us? We will not stop trying that is for sure.

    2. Congresswoman Janice Hahn Acknowledges Receipt of Petition

      Here is our follow-up reply to a phone call we received from the office of Congresswoman Janice Hahn:
      Thank you for replying to the petition to stop the Road to Nowhere that we submitted to Congresswoman Janice Hahn.
      We understand that Councilman Buscaino has not yet asked the Congresswoman for her support in the use of Federal Funds for this boondoggle and so she has not yet formed an opinion.
      However, when she does, we appreciate her considering the opinion of her many constituents who strongly oppose the project and who question the process that was used to approve it.
      In addition, we thank you for your offer to keep us updated on any actions surrounding the project, including the drafting of Environmental Impact Reports, of which we may not otherwise be aware.
      All the best,
      Rebecca Rannells
      Taxpayers against The Road to Nowhere

    3. Now they want even more of our money!

      Our petition has now been delivered to all the politicians listed below. And guess what..only one has responded with a noncommittal "we will get back to you.".
      They ignore our plea to save money and then want to increase our taxes for even more projects! Please see their latest proposal below.

      City leaders propose sales tax hike to pay for Los Angeles street repairs

      Would raise $4.5 billion Sparking a debate over how to fix Los Angeles' crumbling roads and buckling sidewalks, the city's top analyst on Tuesday recommended a tax hike to pay for thousands of miles of repairs. City Administrative Officer Miguel Santana issued a report recommending that city leaders place a half-percent sales tax on the November ballot.

    4. Councilman Buscaino asks for $4.5 billion in new taxpayer funding

      Councilman Joe Buscaino has still not responded to our appeal to save over $30 million in tax revenues by not building the Road to Nowhere. This has not stopped him from asking for $4.5 billion in new taxes to rebuild other roads and sidewalks in Los Angeles which will result in the average property tax being increased by $300 per household. Please let him know how you feel about how he chooses to increase and spend your tax dollars by e-mailing him at

    5. Reached 400 signatures
    6. Coucilman Buscaino to ask Mayor Garcetti for LA City Funds

      The Daily Breeze has reported that Councilman Buscaino will be asking LA City Mayor Garcetti for taxpayer monies for the Road to Nowhere.
      “It’s now incumbent on me to work with the Mayor’s Office to find the funding" says the Councilman.
      Both Councilman Buscaino and Mayor Garcetti have received our petition and we hope they will listen to us taxpayers and abandon this boondoggle. Please do contact them directly as well to let them know how you feel.
      Their e-mail addresses are: and

    7. Councilman Buscaino Declares His Support for Reopening

      LA Councilman Buscaino declared his support for reopening the Road to Nowhere by stating, "The safety of the hillside continues to be my top priority. That's why I support the recommendation from the White Point Landslide Advisory Committee to restore the roadway with a retaining wall that will maximize the safety and stability of the entire area."
      Obviously this is very disappointing and we are asking him to change his stance and join us. (We are still figuring out how reopening a landslide area to car and truck traffic helps to stabilize it?)

    8. Reached 100 signatures
    9. New 3" Crack Appears in "Stabilized" roadbed of Road to Nowhere

      Just yesterday a 3" crack appeared in the "stabilized" roadbed of the Road to Nowhere. Now it appears that this misguided project is not only fiscal folly but physically ill advised as well...a pure waste of tax dollars.

    10. Reached 25 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Ronald Ragan SAN PEDRO, CANADA
      • about 1 month ago

      Too much traffic as it is.

    • Craig Covault ROCKLEDGE, FL
      • 9 months ago

      Although living in Flordia I am well familiar with those streets because I often visit relatives living near the slide.

    • Melissa Riley BERKELEY, CA
      • 9 months ago

      Too expensisve, unnecessary, benefits too few people, area is not going to be stable enough. Coast is beautiful without the road. Other priorites are way higher!

    • nino neiman SAN PEDRO, CA
      • 9 months ago

      I do not want the street to become a main highway like before

    • Larry White BLOOMFIELD, NJ
      • 9 months ago

      I spend a lot of time in San Pedro with family and I want to preserve the natural beauty of the preservation.


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