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Deny appeal of Jesse Compton death sentence

Keep the death sentence

    1. Callie Merritt
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      Callie Merritt

      ramsey, NJ

As of September,2012, Jesse Compton is appealing his death penalty sentence, issued in 1998. He has been on death row for 14 years, a huge tax-payers cost, and is now using our tax dollars to appeal the sentence. This appeal is devasting and disrespectful to the remaining victims/family members of Tesslynn's paternal family; including her aunt, her father and Tesslynn's own brother.

 Jesse Compton and his co-defendant, Stella Kiser (who was sentenced to life in prison) issued some of the most horrific acts of child abuse on to Tesslynn Elizabeth O'Cull, over the course of her short life in their care.

 Not only will a successful appeal of his sentence send a message to child abusers and killers, that they can "beat the system", but it sends a message to victims everywhere. We ask that you DENY this appeal, and enforce and expedite his death penalty.

Jesse Compton brutally murdered 3 year old Tesslynn Elizabeth O'Cull in 1997 in Oregon . He hosted drug parties in his apartment, some that lasted for days. He prepared Methamphetamine for smoking by melting it with a small propane torch. He got the death penalty & now in 2012 is trying to appeal his sentence. Tesslynn was beaten, burned, bound, sexually assaulted, starved, tortured, & brutalized by her mother's boyfriend, Jesse Compton, & by her own mother, Stella Kiser. Her back broken, slapped, hair pulled, forced to stand in the corner of the room for long periods of time, forced to take cold showers/baths, called disparaging names, forcefully penetrated her vaginia, burned her back, buttocks & genitals, then poured alcohol in her wounds,immobilized her10/15 times by tying her hands& legs, stomped on her abdomen with his foot causing severe internal injuries, scraped & bruised her abdomen with a fork, Compton struck her in the head several times, causing bruising to her brain. Compton found Tesslynn dead on June 14, 1997. Compton tried to revive her by using a live electrical wire. Kiser, Compton & Compton's sister buried Tesslynn & they went on their merry way. Compton's sister later confessed to the Springfield police & Compton got the death penalty. This monster is trying to appeal his sentence. Please sign & share this petition!

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      Callie Merritt
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      For the latest on the petition, any news on Jesse's appeal, Tesslynn's story & to help join the fight against child abuse please like" Tesslynn Elizabeth O Cull Tribute" page on Facebook.

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    • Frank Fanning BAKERSFIELD, CA
      • 3 months ago

      The horrific acts of abuse laid upon 3yr old Tesslyn by Jesse was and still has been the worse case I have ever heard. Justice for Tesslyn demands nothing less than this monsters life

    • Tana Turner JACKSONVILLE, FL
      • 3 months ago

      Don't let this monster out, he will do it again. Please give him death, he took a life, so he should be punished the same way - death!

    • candy mcintosh BRYAN, OH
      • 3 months ago

      I love Tesslynn an he need to pay with his life for what he did to her

    • Ravenna Blade SURREY, CANADA
      • 3 months ago

      anyone who does this to any child... DESERVES a hell of a lot more than lethal injection

      • 4 months ago

      Want to support poor little Tesslynn that animal Mr Compton should die


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