Free Max the dog!!!
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Free Max the dog!!!

    1. Cuttita Thom
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      Cuttita Thom

      Lakewood, CO

February 2012


From Petition Creator Cuttita Thorn: "Good news everyone, Max is back in the comfort of his home!!! 9 NEWS, Denver, provided video this evening showing Max happily feasting on a well-earned bone. Ms. Dyer, the reporter who had the unfortunate run-in with Max had surgery and is expected back at work sometime in the near future. On behalf of Max thank you for your support, and we'd like to wish Ms. Dyer a speedy recovery. Thanks everyone!!!"

Good news everyone, Max is going home!!  If you're an animal lover please read the petition and sign it anyway.  On behalf of Max, thank you!!

Max, an 85 pound Argentine Mastiff, is being unfairly imprisoned at the Denver Animal Shelter. On Tuesday, Feb 7th Max and his owner were enjoying a late afternoon walk when Max ran onto the frozen pond. The ice broke under his weight and Max was stranded in an icy pool of water. A firefighter from the West Metro Fire Dept. risked his life to rescue Max. The firefighter's heroics was captured by a news helicopter from KUSA, 9News, Denver. The next day Max, his owner and the firefighter appeared on a morning news show. Kyle Dyer a news anchor for the station was conducting the interview when she leaned in towards Max's head. Max who has shown no signs of aggression in the past, bared his teeth at Ms. Dyer then, on live TV bit her on the lip. Ms. Dyer, who apparently is a huge dog lover, was taken to the hospital for emergency treatment and is expected to make a full recovery. In the meantime Max, whose rabies shots are up to date is being held in "routine" 10 day quarantine at the Denver Animal Shelter. Shelter officials have said that Max "most likely" won't be put down. Most likely? This unfortunate event was NOT Max's fault, this was the result of human error. Max was undoubtedly feeling stressed from the previous day's events and from being in a TV studio with bright lights and studio equipment, not to mention a slew of well-intended, but unfamiliar humans. Free Max from his imprisonment!!!

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    1. Max is going home!!!!!!

      Cuttita Thom
      Petition Organizer

      Max will be returning to the familiar surroundings of his home on Sat. 2/18. His human was a responsible pet guardian (that's what we're called in Boulder) and Max had all the required shots and was given a clean bill of health. Rules being rules, he had to serve his ten day sentence. Hopefully during his incarceration he didn't fall in with the wrong crowd and upon arriving home his human discovers Max joined a gang. But seriously: My Dyer has had surgery to repair her wounds, she will eventually be returning to the air as an anchor and it expected she will atone for her mistake. Please sign the petition and wish Max, his human, the brave firefighter and Ms. Dyer well.

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    Reasons for signing

    • Claire Chiang RICHMOND, CANADA
      • over 2 years ago

      I am a dog lover!

      • over 2 years ago

      Free Max! He did nothing wrong, It was wrong judgment of human

      Free Max ! Free Max !

    • Lo pei shan TAIPEI, TAIWAN
      • over 2 years ago

      Every single life is a treasure. We can not punish animals for Human's fault!

    • Cynthia Villa MONTE VISTA, CO
      • over 2 years ago

      I understand Max needed to be quarantined for the 10 day period to make sure he doesn't carry rabies, but the fault of this bite is on Kyle Dyer...

    • Fang Yin Liu TAOYUAN, TAIWAN
      • over 2 years ago

      Max is for self-defense, Kyle Dyer should speak out, not because of your rude and let Max be euthanasia. Did you have conscience?


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