Strip Sahar Biniaz of her title!
  • Petitioned Denis Davila, National Director of Miss Universe Canada

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Strip Sahar Biniaz of her title!

    1. Judy Pugh
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      Judy Pugh

      Long Beach, CA

Sahar Biniaz – the recently crowned Miss Universe Canada who is going to contest on behalf of Canada in the coming Miss Universe pageant in December this year. Biniaz is advocating a ban on pit bulls in the province of British Columbia (BC) because a pit bull bit her when she was 14.

The Vancouver Sun reported that Sahar Biniaz, now 26, wants the provincial government of BC to impose a ban on adopting a pit bull, or at least making it a law for pit bulls to be kept muzzled and on leash all the time. Biniaz is said to have already spoken to a local councilor Alan Campbell about it and he is ready to bring up the suggestion of ban on pit bulls in the next meeting of the council. Stop BSL!!!

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    • Trish Courtright HAMILTON, OH
      • almost 2 years ago

      I find it sad and unacceptable that we should ban something due to fear and misunderstanding. Anyone who has met an array of pit bulls or bully breeds in general KNOWS that they are incredible and loving animals. BSL is a foolish idea based on fear and needs to be ended.

    • Cheyenne Lorenzo TANGENT, OR
      • almost 2 years ago

      I have a service dog who is a pit bull, and considered living in Canada until I saw this outrageous idea to ban my dog. Basically because he is a pit bull, they wouldn't let me have my service dog who is crucial to my well being. Absolutely ridiculous.

    • Samantha Smith CALGARY, CANADA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Because it's NOT the dog, it's the owner! BSL DOES NOT HELP THE PROBLEM OF BAD OWNERS, EVER. There are statistics out that have proof that banning DOES NOT reduce the instance of dogs attacking people. DOGS ARE ANIMALS. The fact that people are too naive to get that, is absolutely ridiculous. A dog doesn't 'just bite out of nowhere'. SOMETHING provokes it, whether you see the warning signs or not.

    • Maria Naimouchina TORONTO, CANADA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Many reasons, one of which is the fact that she bought the crown for 50,000. There were many people who knew at least a month ahead. They even let her "re-record" her interview. I wish more people knew and this could have been investigated properly. Just like the Miss USA scandal, its all set up. Just not sure if 50,000 is worth it.

    • Jorge FLorent FRANCE
      • about 2 years ago

      This is important for me beacause every one say "Pitbulls are bads" , these are the actions of the owner who made ​​this dog what it is !


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