Press Complaints Council, UK.. please take action.
  • Petitioned Demanding stringent action against misandrist Neethu Chandra & Daily Mail

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Demanding stringent action against misandrist Neethu Chandra & Daily Mail

Press Complaints Council, UK.. please take action.

    1. Prassoon  Suryadas
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      Prassoon Suryadas

      kochi, India

On March 2nd 2012 Daily Mail published a filthy article authored by their reporter Neethu Chandra under the title “NRI Nightmare: Delhi bride tortured by cruel husband in US”. This was a demonstration of highest levels of yellow journalism; a totally farce story inflated with lies and false allegations. I’m not posting it here and make the entire platform stinky.

Reasons why content of the above mentioned article is objectionable
1) The article did not give the readers substantial material to support that those incidents covered have ever occurred. It is a cleverly worded, cooked up story to cheat the readers and therefore breached the recognized ethical canons of journalistic propriety and taste.

2) USA is not a lawless land like Afghanistan. The said article did not mention about any police report lodged or order of any legal authority in America, which underscores the fact that the stated offences are highly hypothetical and intended to raise false alarm. I believe, freedom of press does not mean the right to write whatever it likes; and therefore is an abuse of press freedom.

3) The said article does not carry any comments, justifications or whatsoever from the vilified character Dr. Kaling and his family, neither it talks about the attempts of press to contact them; hence the article is not bonafide and fools the readers.

4) The title of the article calls by name ‘cruel husband’ where no court of law on this planet, to date, has declared so. More over this usage is extremely derogatory to the whole NRI community and so it should be considered as a very serious professional misconduct.

5) Notice to comply with Press Complaints Council, UK was served to the editor of Daily Mail and the said news link got removed from their website, in next few days. The notice never got responded. This should be considered as acceptance of guilt and tantamount to approving all the 4 arguments mentioned above, beyond reasonable doubt.

I, hereby humbly pray before the Press Complaints Council of UK to consider this petition for inquiry and execute its inherent powers to take the most stringent action against respondent number 1 and 2 so as to uphold, maintain and improve the standards of newspapers and news agencies.

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    • sachin s NAVI MUMBAI, INDIA
      • over 2 years ago

      1. because the journalist are only interested in putting up a spicy story without caring to know the facts.......This needs to be changed.

      2. The mindset of the society also needs to be changes who always thinks that women's are always at the receiving end. the scenario.

    • virajith pk CHENNAI, INDIA
      • over 2 years ago

      This kind of journalism is propaganda and of ill towards any kind of future between a man and a woman. Laws are skewed towards women, yes, and to some angle justified and to some angle misused. the age old battle of sexes continues in the form of vilification of the males under the pretext of women harassment. any how to the matter at hand, such journalism is not fair and correct.

    • Suraj Yadav BANGALORE, INDIA
      • over 2 years ago

      Such polished lies create and encourage negative bias for men in society .

      • over 2 years ago

      I am totally against any person publishing or even speaking out something which is wrong or fake, There should be some sense of justification & humanity. Just because in India the laws (which actually cannot be called so) like 498a or DV are in place in such a way its so easy to misuse. Anybody found misusing it should be strictly punished, only then the misuse will stop.

    • Tamiz Sheikh INDIA, INDIA
      • over 2 years ago

      I support this petition


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