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      pierre, CA

Demand that the U.S.D.A take Horse meat of the menu now and ban all Horse slaughter in the United States.

The Horse meat ban that had been in place since 2007 was pushed through by congress November 18th 2011. What a day to tell the American people too (thanks giving day).

Horses are our best friends, and to be treated in such a manner is disgusting. President Barack Obama signed the bill to keep government afloat until 2011 there was no change though.

The GAO report concluded that the slaughter of American Horses didn't stop because of the ban, but simply shifted to Mexico and Canada. "From 2006 through 2010, U.S. horse exports for slaughter increased by 148 and 660 percent to Canada and Mexico, respectively," the GAO report states. "As a result, nearly the same number of U.S. horses was transported to Canada and Mexico for slaughter in 2010 -- nearly 138,000 -- as was slaughtered before domestic slaughter ceased."

As the 2012 agriculture appropriations bill moved through Congress this year, Rep. Jack Kingston R-Georgia, moved to strip out the USDA funding ban. A spokesman for Kingston, who is chairman of the House agriculture spending subcommittee, said the provision was ineffective in stopping slaughter, but it did kill jobs.

There is no U.S. market for the human consumption of Horse meat. But it is seen as a delicacy overseas, especially in some European and Asian countries. In addition, Horse meat has been used in the U.S. to feed zoo animals, because it's a good source of protein.

Farmers and some policymakers say the ban resulted in old Horses being abandoned and neglected. In response, Sen. Max Baucus D-Mont., successfully pushed for a provision requiring the non-partisan Government Accountability Office to study the impact of the ban. The GAO study, released in June, highlighted the concerns of Baucus and others.

Please sign and share this petiton to every animal and Horse lover you know, and save our equine friends from the plates of the consumer. Should the voice of the voiceles not be heard then we will take other measures to ensure that we gain the attention of the U.S.D.A and President Barack Obama.

"If you would like to help end horse slaughter, contact your Congressman and inform them. Ask him to cosponsor the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act (H.R. 503)". (habitatforhorses.org)

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    2. Fanatical far wing is for the slaughter, we must fight harder

      We are starting to see more pro slaughter fanatics that are all for the horse slaughter to be kept open. However 90% of the American population and the world have said NO. Not a delicacy in Amercia we know. In Europe and Asia though this is a different story.

      Up to 85% of Europeaners that love their horses want the trade banned now, we spoke to a group of English horse sanctury holders and they are disgusted by the whole idea that this is allto do with money.

      As said in the petiton we have addressed the main issue, that the USDA of America wanted this pushed through, just for money. A horse is not just an animal. They are a pet, a part of the family, and most of all they do have feelings like we and other animals.

      We will fight this every step of the way. Once we obtain our desired number we will raise it until we have more. We will fight to have this law banned and kept down where it came from. Keep signing and keep fighting we will have this bill banned for good and thrown out.

    3. THE FIGHT IS NOW ON FOR EQUINE FREEDOM / Bo Derik has joined the fight !!

      Nashville (AP) — The sponsor of a bill seeking to attract horse slaughter facilities said the bill likely will not pass this year.
      Rep. Andy Holt said that chances were not good for the bill to pass, but he remained committed to bringing the industry to Tennessee.
      The Senate version of the bill was taken off notice last week and Holt took it off the schedule for the House floor on Monday.
      He said an amendment that would require hefty deposits for anyone to mount a legal challenge to the facilities was removed from the bill, but he was also working on adding animal treatment guidelines.
      “I am not into rushing stuff through,” he said. “We want to make sure all the interested parties have a chance to express their grievances with these bills.” Holt said he wants to add protections for the horses and horse owners.
      “The amendment we are working on right now actually sets up guidelines for animal treatment and for the procurement of these animals,” he said.
      Holt, a Dresden Republican,

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    • lee gardner MILFORD, IN
      • 9 months ago

      Horses are not meant to be food for human consumption due to the intake of harmful drugs to humans.

      • 10 months ago

      In Europe we cannot understand this is happening.

      • 10 months ago

      How can this NOT be important?

      In Europe we cannot understand this is happening.

    • Doro Beaujean AACHEN, GERMANY
      • 10 months ago

      doro Beaujean

    • Erika Wintermann DIEPHOLZ, GERMANY
      • 10 months ago

      Erika Wintermann


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