Demand the right for Gay marriage
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Demand the right for Gay marriage

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As an American citizen, I believe that equality is for every human. I believe that everyone should be granted the right to legally be engaged in a formal government respected relationship(marriage), I believe that like the government say we are "equal" why are we not granted the rights to be involved in same-sex marriages. This belief is not only a "homosexual" belief but as well a heterosexual belief. 

     I believe that just how some people state that "homosexual marriages are unstable and that people who are gay are promiscuous" Don't also notice how in heterosexual relationship exist the same type of situations. I believe that the more the government rejects the gay marriage act, the more people reflect the governments ideas to their owns, and that is where situations begin for example the fact that various amount of homosexual children as well as adults have been committing suicide because of the fact that homosexuality is being very frowned upon is society today. I believe that marriage in general is a right not a privilege. And that we all as people have the right to marry just like we have the right to vote. So now I say to you let's contribute and stand together as one like the united people we are and defend our rights.


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