Demand President Hamid Karzai reinstate 32-year-old Simin Barakzai
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US Embassy, Kabul, Afghanistan

Demand President Hamid Karzai reinstate 32-year-old Simin Barakzai

    1. Dawn Prince-Cohee
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      Dawn Prince-Cohee

      Cary, NC

In the words of Simin Barakzai, who on 10/10/11 reached her ninth consecutive day of a hunger strike in front of the Afghan parliament building:

America is losing life and money for this country; you are sending your sons and daughters to fight in Afghanistan. Why does your embassy join with government of Afghanistan to withdraw nine elected parliamentarians who have support of people and bring nine appointed people to replace us? I cannot believe democracy has become so meaningless for the politicians of America. My request for the women of America is to ask their government why this happened.

I was not a warlord. I had no money, and no power. I was just simple journalist, someone who felt pain of people, who loved the women of Afghanistan, children of Afghanistan and her country. That was the reason I entered in politics. I am not for political power. I just want justice.

I want women of America to see my situation. This is my life. This is the life of a member of parliament in Afghanistan.

Today is my fourth day; nobody has come to ask me that what my demand is. There is an American embassy in Afghanistan, yet nobody has come from America embassy to ask me, What is your name and what is your pain?

Where are those women who claim that they are fighting for rights of women in Afghanistan? I request that the women of America ask their ambassador, If not this, what you are doing there in Afghanistan?

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    1. Afghan MPs request impeachment related to handling in Barakzai protest

      Dawn Prince-Cohee
      Petition Organizer

      MPs in the Lower House general session on Saturday requested the impeachment of Defence, Interior and Foreign Affairs Ministers for recklessness towards Pakistani and Iranian attacks into Afghanistan and usage of unfair manner in dismantling Simin Barakzai’s tent.

      In a statement, the Civil Society and Human Rights Network (CSHRN) asked the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to interfere in the case of Simin Barzakzai. Meanwhile, the chairman for the Foundation for Culture and Civil Society, Mir Ahmed Joyenda condemned the approach of police in removing Simin Barakzai’s tent and termed is as “wild”. A commissioner at that Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC), Nader Nadery said AIHRC wants clarification from the Government on the removal of Brakzai’s tent.

    2. Simin Barakzai kidnapped by Government Officials, video

      Dawn Prince-Cohee
      Petition Organizer

      Please post this update and share the petition via FB or twitter: It's even more important now to take action & sign the petition urging our embassy in Kabul to get involved.

      Simin Barakzai has been forcibly removed from her peaceful, democratic protest. I'm tagging folks who can cast a wide net as well as my military friend...s. You and/or yours have worked too hard there to allow this to go on hidden from view by the world. Watch as Barakzai is dragged away and her tent angrily dismantled by Afghan Security Forces. Then come back and sign the petition.

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    4. Tolo TV Headlines - AFGHAN TV NEWS

      Dawn Prince-Cohee
      Petition Organizer


      The Independent Election Commission (IEC) chairman, Fazal Ahmad Manawi has betrayed the people’s vote and should face trial, a number of MPs told the Lower House general session. The MPs also blamed Manawi as the main culprit behind the parliamentary election row. Meanwhile, during the session, President Karzai, in a telephone conversation, told the Wolesi Jirga Speaker that he has ordered the IEC chairman to assess the election dossier of Simin Barakzai in the presence of media, Independent Human Rights Commission and civil society representatives. However, Barakzai rejected her elections dossier assessment by IEC.

      The Afghan Ulema Council, in a fatwa, have termed hunger strike against as forbidden and against Islamic values.

      The cases of some cabinet ministers, governors and high-ranking officials accused of corruption are under investigation by the anti-corruption attorney, the anti-corruption unit head General Abobakar Rafiee said.

    5. Why isn't political activism working in Afghanistan?

      Dawn Prince-Cohee
      Petition Organizer

      Keep asking your friends to sign the petition, and thank you so much for your signature and support!!

      I wanted to share this article, which is very timely, and goes a long way toward understanding the reasons why Barakzai is not likely to get a lot of vocal support nearby, and why it is even more important for those of us here at home, who are hoping for long-term change in Afghanistan, to spread the word. We need to ask our leaders to keep a close watch on practices within fledgling democracies that appear valid at first glance (such as removing elected candidates under the guise of election fraud), which result in more centralized, less democratic control (such as appointee replacements).

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    • Carmen Zepp RALEIGH, NC
      • about 3 years ago

      Religion is awful. This needs to stop.


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