Demand House Republicans Support President Obama's American Jobs Act
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House Republicans
Rep. John Boehner

Demand House Republicans Support President Obama's American Jobs Act

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Where are the jobs, Speaker Boehner?

After more than 250 days in the House Majority, Republicans have failed to introduce any legislation aimed at creating new jobs.

President Obama's American Jobs Act is a bold plan to create millions of good-paying American jobs, and Speaker Boehner and House Republicans need to stop their cheap delaying tactics and support it right now.

Instead of taking action on the American Jobs Act, Speaker Boehner has proposed more of the same warmed over trickle down drivel Tea Party Republicans have been selling for years. Tax cuts for Big Oil, Billionaires and corporations that send jobs overseas; table scraps and crumbs for the middle class and unemployed.

Take action today to demand Speaker Boehner support President Obama’s plan to put Americans back to work.

House Republicans
Rep. John Boehner, Ohio-08
President Obama's American Jobs Act is a bold plan to create millions of good-paying American jobs. I urge you to stop your attempts at delay, and to support the bill right now.

Tax cuts for Big Oil, Billionaires and corporations that send jobs overseas aren't going to get our economy going.

Move President Obama's American Jobs Act forward today.

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    • Alec Higgins ST. CLAIR SHORES, MI
      • over 1 year ago

      We need to get America back on track and become leaders in innovation once again.

    • John Smith COLUMBUS, OH
      • over 1 year ago

      I signed this ‘Jobs Bill petition’ because it is not about handouts; it is about helping those in need when the need arises and making citizens whole again while our Congress is making Billionaires out of contractors who are wasting citizens money on hidden budgets into the trillions.

      Any citizen, veteran or senior receiving any form of government benefits are not receive enough to support or even feed themselves, yet our Senators can sign authorizations into the BILLIONS AND TRILLIONS to government contractors for the waste less development of needless weapons for wars that don’t exist or for 30,000 additional kill and privacy Drones to be flown, tested and evaluated over the skies of these United States of America. While unwitting citizens do not know that the signed Appropriations also authorizes the testing and evaluation of these drones and other war technologies on citizens without their knowledge. Yes, citizens deserve a Jobs Bill, not the development of needless weapons that have make Billionaires out of contractors, researchers and some Senators since their arrivals in Washington.

      What everyone should be aware of are the trillions and trillions spent each year Post 9/11 by nearly 5000 government contractors, researchers, and others who are wasting money developing (WMD) weapons of mass destruction when we are not at war. This is the issue and this is where the money is that can be used for a Jobs Bill.

      Senators who want us citizens to believe that the issue is so minuet that reducing support for the hungry or cutting Healthcare for the sick would resolve our countries issues; but what citizens do not know is that several of our senators on small committees sign Senate Appropriations Budgets to contractors in the trillions annually. Those are the budgets that we are not prevue too. Go to The Washington Post article 'A Top Secret America' to see the TRILLIONS spend developing privacy Drones for our U.S. skies, satellites as weapons, directed energy weapons and more with authorizations to test on unwitting U.S. persons...yes, you and I, and these actions are directed in hidden directives that have been passed down for decades to contractors, researchers and more allowing for non-consensual testing and evaluation on these needless weapons.

      So when the President cut the Defense budget a couple of years ago by approximately 65 Billion and some senators created outcry it was those who have the contractors in their states and jurisdictions. Most of these companies are privately owned and they do not appear on any Forbes list as the richest Americans. These are TRILLIONAIRES. So review the Washington Post database to see who is earning what then reconsider your signature on this petition. Why not pay more in taxes and use those funds to create a Jobs Bill if you are a BILLIONAIRE or earn trillions on the backs of innocent citizens who are clueless that they (contractors) also have authorization to test and evaluation their weapons and technologies on unwitting citizens; men, woman and children. This in itself creates unnecessary health issues for your own citizens. Spraying of chemicals in our air and affecting our drinking water causing illnesses in the thousands in city after city. This is crazy. America wake up.

      Consider signing the following petition as well to stop these wasteful inhumane actions against all citizens. Then we can have a Jobs Bill.

      hy is this important to you?

    • John Swank III NORRIDGE, IL
      • over 1 year ago

      We need jobs

    • Dolly Dupee FITCHBURG, MA
      • over 1 year ago

      Stand beside your President and stop being so bitter friendly

    • Michael Soto SACRAMENTO, CA
      • over 1 year ago

      Corporate profit margins are at all time highs (Apple, Chevron) and yet household income, benefits, and services remain low despite record productivity levels. It's time that the middle class gets its fair share.


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