Demand For Facebook's Response To Cyber-Bullying On Their Pages
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Demand For Facebook's Response To Cyber-Bullying On Their Pages

    1. Kalli Amorphous
    2. Petition by

      Kalli Amorphous

      New York, NY

Cyber-bullying on Facebook continues to an extreme degree. This petition seeks a response from Facebook regarding actions that they plan to take in order to prevent cyber-bullying and illegal activity on their pages. The undersigned also request a response from Facebook regarding why they have allowed activity for over a month which violated their terms of service on an event page titled: RIP: In memory of the recent suicides due to gay abuse, wear purple.

The most recent case of cyber-bullying and illegal activity on Facebook involved a memorial page for the young boys who lost their lives to suicide due to anti-gay bullying. The page quickly turned into a virtual grave desecration and platform condoning gay teen suicide and the murdering of homosexuals. Photos were posted of executed homosexuals, desecrated photos of the boys who died and supposed snuff photos of gays who have been murdered. Along with this were thousands of comments encouraging murder sprees against gays, encouragement of gay teen suicide, death threats etc. In addition, the page continually exhibited pornography to minors.

Facebook is known to promptly remove photos depicting artistic nudity, yet despite countless requests and abuse reports, they have allowed and continue to allow these pages to operate.

For a detailed report on this issue, please see this article by Tamara Holder: Inside Facebook's Dark And Violent Alleys

We believe that Facebook must be held accountable for cyber-bulling and illegal activity which occurs on their pages.

On October 13th, according to GLAAD, which contacted Facebook after receiving more than 1,800 letters via this petition, Facebook announced that new measures have been adopted to respond more quickly to hate speech and to monitor activity. However, graphic photos and hate speech continue. Again, we are asking that Facebook do more than pay lip-service to this growing problem.

Please take 10 seconds to sign the online petition below. Doing so will send an email to Facebook executives, media outlets, GLBT and human rights groups.


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