Demand exit strategy for Afghanistan
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Demand exit strategy for Afghanistan

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      james m nordlund

      Fargo, ND

Catastrophic spending on the unnecessary war in Iraq, etc., has put pressure on politicians to cut necessary spending on the elderly, pregnant women, kids, the handicapped, etc., we can’t allow this to be “unending”, as King George and his Dick Cheney engineered them to be. The White House has set an end date for the long war in Iraq, but, has so far refused to do the same for Afghanistan. Thus, we are embroiled in a seemingly endless war that is devastating an entire country and crippling our economy. Legislation is pending in Congress that would require setting a termination date and conditions before any new funds are voted. Congress must pass, and the President must accept, this essential action; and not attack the weak, those with less of a voice, economically.

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