Demand Excellence in the Administration and Leadership of Atlanta Public Schools
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Demand Excellence in the Administration and Leadership of Atlanta Public Schools

    1. John Sam
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      John Sam

      atlanta, GA

Atlanta Public Schools seems to have a double standard for Excellence in Education. The community  establishes standards for teachers and students involving honesty and integrity in their schools, but the administration has modeled unethical and corrupt behaviors . We cannot allow APS administrators to cheat  and falsify records in their assigned schools. Any acceptance for these behaviors leaves room for doubt about any record within the public system. Scores, budgets, allocations, attendance, awards etc. should not be in the decision making hands of corrupt leadership.  Atlanta School Board Members and City Council Leaders that turn a "blind eye" to any possible reported corruption or criminal behavior should not be allowed to remain in leadership roles in our Atlanta community. Community Leaders and APS Administration should PROTECT and SERVE with a commitment to model excellence. If we demand these qualities from our TOP STUDENTS, our leaders must set the example.

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    1. The cover-up of Atlanta Public Schools corruption is carefully manipulated.

      John Sam
      Petition Organizer

      Those within Atlanta Public School's administration are still not held accountable for corruption.

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