Demand CouchSurfing End Complicity in Sexual Assault of Users
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Demand CouchSurfing End Complicity in Sexual Assault of Users

    1. Mandy Van Deven
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      Mandy Van Deven

      New York, NY

More than a year after a young woman was repeatedly raped by her CouchSurfing host, the website is still ignoring women's and LGBTQ people's complaints of sexual harassment and abuse while using its service.

CouchSurfing denies responsibility for the actions of their users with the pat response that victims should more vigorously vet potential hosts and report illegal behavior to the proper authorities in the country in which they're traveling. The onus for safety is on the victim, not CouchSurfing. But this manner of thinking ignores the way the system itself facilitates illegal behavior, or at least, does little to prevent CouchSurfing  from being used for nefarious purposes.

Tell CouchSurfing that you think increased safety measures should be made a priority immediately, and that sexual predators should not be allowed to use the site as a way to seek out their next victims.

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      Alex DiBranco
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      Digital video artist Melissa Ulto went to Greece last month as a part of a European tour with a feminist performance group. To keep costs down, Ulto followed a friend's advice and connected with people on CouchSurfing, a website that links travelers...


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