Demand Congress Pass A Strong Renewable Electricity Standard ASAP
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Demand Congress Pass A Strong Renewable Electricity Standard ASAP

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From Germany to China, nations around the world are advancing their renewable energy production and consumption. But with the failure of the U.S. Congress to pass smart solar, wind and bioenergy policies, America is at risk of falling seriously behind. 

Last year, as part of a larger climate bill, the House of Representatives passed a federal renewable electricity standard (RES) that would require utilities purchase 20 percent of their power from clean, renewable sources or some energy efficiency gains.

While the Senate is refusing to move forward on broader clean energy reforms this year, there is still a good chance it will consider an RES, which has some strong bipartisan support from governors around the nation.  

An RES could form the cornerstone of a growing clean energy economy, as more than 28 states have already found.

Please tell Congress to set a national mandate for renewable electricity ASAP. 

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