Demand Chipotle Treat Workers With Integrity, Apologize, and Pay Up
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Demand Chipotle Treat Workers With Integrity, Apologize, and Pay Up

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Chipotle strives to make its popular burritos with fresh, sustainable ingredients. The company motto is, after all, “food with integrity." So why is Chipotle treating its immigrant workers like trash?

When the federal government presented the company with immigration warnings (known as "I-9 audits"), Chipotle began laying off entire stores full of workers. They gave long-time employees no warning, no time to prove their status, no respect, and even insufficient pay. Now, the way the company is firing workers in Washington, DC, is so appalling that City Council Members are speaking out publicly, saying they may be forced to hold hearings into the matter. 

At the D.C. Columbia Heights Chipotle, a dozen workers were fired in one day -- March 9th, 2011. They were taken into the back room during a 30 minute break and replaced with new employees before they could return to work their next shift.  Many long-time workers -- some who had worked at Chipotle for six years -- were literally tossed out in the cold. They received no warning and no respect. They huddled together to comfort each other, thinking of how they would feed their families and pay the rent.

While it works to be an ethical company, Chipotle is setting a dangerously low standard for how it treats long-time employees. We must join DC City Council members to hold Chipotle to a basic standard of respect.

Sign the petition to demand Chipotle apologize, change its mass firing practices, and pay employees what they are owed. In short: demand Chipotle treat workers with integrity!

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    1. Reached 8,000 signatures
    2. Secretary Solis on broken immigration system: "...the on-the-spot firings of Chipotle workers in Minnesota are all examples of how workers in this U.S. are being attacked, she said." --

    3. Faith leader Jim Wallis writes, "Chipotle Firings: One Story of a Broken Immigration System" --

    4. Front page of Huffington Post today: "Chipotle, Undocumented Workers, And The Trouble With 'Enforcement-Only' Immigration" --

    5. Fired Chipotle Workers Launch Showdown in Washington D.C.

      Business at the Columbia Heights Chipotle location in Washington, D.C., was interrupted Thursday as dozens of former workers, activists, religious leaders, and city councilmen showed up and delivered a collection of over 7,000 petitions. That...

    6. DCist previews tonight's petition delivery event: "Fired Chipotle Workers To March in Protest This Evening" --

    7. Reached 7 signatures
    8. Fired Chipotle Workers to March in Washington

      Get ready everybody, because Chipotle Mexican Grill is about to receive quite the rude awakening from so many of those pesky former employees the company abruptly fired.
      Chipotle, the burrito-chain mired in controversy since it first fired dozens of...

    9. Chipotle Continues to Lie About Immigrant Firing Binge

      Chipotle, the national burrito chain behind mass firings of immigrants in Minnesota and Washington D.C., is fond of saying the company had no idea undocumented immigrants were working for them. This multi-million dollar company, whose meteoric rise...

    10. Chipotle Refuses to Meet With Terminated Workers

      Chipotle's commitment to their slogan, "Food with Integrity," is in serious jeopardy with the recent news that Chipotle refuses to meet with its fired DC workers. As we have previously written, Chipotle Mexican Grill has come under fire for the way...

    11. Reached 6 signatures
    12. Chipotle STILL refusing to meet with DC workers. Firings featured on The Michael Eric Dyson Show:

    13. Chipotle Fires Long-Serving Immigrant Workforce

      Chipotle, the Mexican-themed chain of restaurants best known for its menu of generously stuffed burritos, has decided there are just too many Mexicans working for them. A number of Chipotle restaurants in and around the Minneapolis area summarily...

    14. Activists Arrested for Protesting Chipotle's Immigrant Firing Binge

      Last month, we reported on the mass firings of immigrant workers by Chipotle Mexican Grill, a Mexican-themed restaurant chain operating throughout the country. It seems that ICE was asking too many questions about some of the documentation Chipotle's...

    15. In L.A. "flash mob," SEIU members call out "Chipocrisy" (treating chickens better than immigrant workers):

    16. Fired Chipotle Workers Sue For Back Pay

      As reported earlier on our site, Chipotle Mexican Grill, known for its increasingly absurd slogan "Food With Integrity," continues a steady stream of denial and misdirection in the wake of a rather unceremonious firing binge claiming the jobs and...

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    18. More coverage by El Tiempo Latino (en Español)- and WAMU radio:

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    20. DCist covers Wednesday's action, featuring video and a shout out to the petition:

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    22. Check out Washington Post coverage of Wednesday's action in Columbia Heights:

    23. Reached 750 signatures
    24. Chipotle Continues Disposal of Immigrant Workers in D.C.

      Update 11 p.m. ET: In Washington, D.C., today, fired Chipotle workers joined forces with D.C. Council Members to deliver a letter and a strong message to the company, demanding they treat workers with integrity. Check out's video footage...

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    Reasons for signing

    • Brianna Lopez MINNEAPOLIS, MN
      • almost 3 years ago

      Start treating ALL of your workers with respect, pay them what they are owed, and change your mass firing policy (or you could grow a pair and stand up to the bullsh*t I-9s), or I will find a new place to eat and take my business to. I love your burritos, but I love human rights and integrity more.

      • almost 3 years ago
      • almost 3 years ago

      I support this cause. Please also check out my petition to address human trafficking in the province of bc.

      • about 3 years ago

      I'm signing this petition because I'm currently employed by the company that unethically treats its' employee's with utter dis-stain and disrespect. I myself am not one to complain at all about anything, as a matter of fact I hate things like these petitions and such. But the fact of the matter is these people are right; the company believes itself to be doing the right thing, but in actuality trains it's General Managers and others in charge to treat fellow employee's as though it were an aptitude test on whose more knowledgeable on Chipotle facts and standards. Then comes unethical and immoral put downs such as being labeled as a "Low Performer" or "High Performer" and therefore, leading to my next issue of Hippocratic practices of those Chipotle trusts to run their stores. All in all I've met with an attorney as well because I believe this company needs to stop acting immorally and just practice what is preached by those we're suppose to trust which is to just "Do The Right Thing"; and to disprove all those mislead ideals that this is all mocked up by a bunch of illegals whom are angry at the fact that they were fired I am a 21 year white kid for Phoenix, AZ brought by a well to do family and a full time student @ a Arizona State University. Oh yeah and I'm currently training as a manager @ the local Chipotle so I'm neither illegal nor a minority.

    • Nicole Magincalda FAIR OAKS, CA
      • about 3 years ago

      I applied for a job at the chipotle off Sunrise Ave. in Sacramento Ca, Manager John did not hire me and did in my opinion discriminate against me.


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