Demand CBS Reverse Decision Declaring Pro-Marijuana Ad “Too Political”
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Demand CBS Reverse Decision Declaring Pro-Marijuana Ad “Too Political”

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March 2010


We just heard that CBS has reversed its decision and will accept the ad!

Congratulations to NORML for winning this well-deserved turnaround -- and thanks to all the readers who helped reverse CBS's decision.

CBS, which recently ran a superbowl ad sponsored by the extreme right-wing group Focus on the Family, has just rejected an ad by NORML calling for the legalization of marijuana.

The ad was supposed to run on Times Square billboards owned by CBS in New York City. The slogan at the end of the ad was simply “Legalize Marijuana – Billions in Taxes.”

CBS previously rejected ads from a variety of progressive organizations including MoveOn and the United Church of Christ by saying that it didn’t accept “advocacy” ads at all. In response to the controversy surrounding the Focus on the Family ad, however, the company claimed it changed its policy and would now accept “responsibly produced” advocacy ads.

An email from the ad buying company NORML used told the organization “that If CBS changes their morals we will let you know.”

CBS is clearly acting in bad faith as it accepts conservative political ads but not progressive ones. The company is not only banning NORML’s message, it is implicitly endorsing Focus on the Family at the same time.

Send an email to CBS and tell them to accept the NORML ad now!

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