Demand Better Background Checks on Gun Purchases

    1. Josh Kramer
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      Josh Kramer

      Boston, MA

We were all horrified when the students at Virgina Tech were brutally gunned down. But instead of moving from shock to action, we simply moved on. Somehow, the special interest groups and our general reluctance to address the gun problem in America have prevented us from learning from that tragedy. But it's not too late.

The killer at Virginia Tech was able to buy guns even though it was technically illegal for him to do so because of his documented mental health issues. This country's unwillingness or inability to properly conduct background checks is unacceptable. Lives were lost because the system didn't work. Loopholes and poor implementation of existing policies put guns in the wrong hands - too often with fatal consequences.

In January, Bush signed bipartisan legislation that would strengthen enforcement of Federal gun laws. The measure would help states forward critical information to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. Doing so would protect the public from hundreds of thousands of prohibited purchasers who are currently not in the system.

Please urge your state government to pass measures that would strengthen the federal NICS Improvement Act immediately. Every delay puts more and more guns in the wrong hands and lives at risk.

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