Delta Airlines: Put changing tables on all of your aircraft.
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Delta Airlines
Manager, Customer Care
Heidi Gould
Richard Anderson
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Toby Broberg
Vice President, Reservation Sales & Customer Care
Allison Ausband

Delta Airlines: Put changing tables on all of your aircraft.

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      Rachel Simmons

      northampton, MA

I flew alone with my newborn daughter on a 3 hour Delta flight from Hartford, CT to Atlanta. I was prepared for every complication -- had the extra clothes, the diapers and wipes -- but what I didn’t plan on is not having a changing table.

When the flight attendant suggested I change her on the toilet, my heart started racing. I was a new mom, and I could barely change a diaper well to begin with. The toilet was obviously unsanitary, and what if the baby slipped in turbulence? I ended up changing her on the galley floor because the flight attendant felt sorry for me. On the way back, I had no such luck, and my daughter sat in her dirty diaper.

The flight attendant claimed the airplane was too old to put a changing table on it (not too old to put wi-fi on it, apparently). I wondered if she was aware that babies preceded the invention of the Internet and the airplane.

What I’ve learned since having my first baby a year ago is that air travel is one of the most inhospitable experiences for parents with small children. We would never expect adults to fly 2-3 hours without a bathroom. Why do we expect babies to do the same?

Delta is one of the worst offenders. Will you please join me in asking them to put changing tables on all their aircraft?

It’s hard enough to be a parent without having to worry about your kid’s diaper getting on the guy in the middle seat. Delta’s competitors seem to understand that helping passengers with the basic necessities for travel with small children makes good business sense -- for example, according to JetBlue’s website all of their planes have changing tables and United helpfully lists on their website which planes have changing tables. But Delta’s website is silent on the subject.

Delta says a child’s “safety and comfort” and a parent’s “peace of mind” are important to them. Not having to worry about my kid falling off a toilet while I change her diaper ranks high on my list of safety concerns. If you really care about a parent’s peace of mind, give her a place to deal with a number two emergency.

Delta Airlines
Heidi Gould, Manager, Customer Care
Richard Anderson, CEO
Toby Broberg, Director of Customer Care
Allison Ausband, Vice President, Reservation Sales & Customer Care
Please put changing tables on all of your aircraft.

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    • alicia sturdy HARTFORD, CT
      • 7 months ago

      because i only fly delta and i now have a 1 month old baby!

    • Megan Leo NüRNBERG, GERMANY
      • 8 months ago

      I have a baby, and need to change her diaper on planes!!

    • J Tyler SMYRNA, GA
      • 8 months ago

      I was forced to change my 15 month old's diaper "on the toilet" as recommended by my flight attendant during extreme turbulence. What a disaster. Poo went everwhere and my son's safety (and mine) was seriously compromised. If the safety of your passengers is important to you at all, you'll find a place for the changing table...Airtran/Southwest has them, why not Delta?? Oh, and the person in the row in front of changed her baby in her lap. The people next to her (as well as the 1st class passengers riding in front of her, did not appreciate the smell during their snacktime.

    • Christie Fuller BERRY, AL
      • 8 months ago

      I am a mother of 3. My youngest is 5 months old. It is only right to have changing tables for infants on airplanes just like we have bathrooms for adults.

    • Glenn Moore TUSCALOOSA, AL
      • 8 months ago

      This is a change that is needed for parent with young infants. I do not undersatnd why a airline would not provide this.


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