Defend the Minimum Wage
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Defend the Minimum Wage

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Democrats have always believed in every hard-working American's right to earn enough money to support themselves and their families. That's why, in 1938, the Democratic-controlled Congress passed and President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Fair Labor Standards Act-the United States' first federal minimum wage law.

But Republican Senate candidates around the country have said that the minimum wage should be lowered, or even eliminated. Republican policies have already caused a great recession; now Republicans want to turn back the clock to the Great Depression.

Sign our petition now and help the DSCC defend the minimum wage from Republican attacks. Americans can't afford the GOP's dangerous ideas.

Republicans in Congress
I support the minimum wage and call on Republicans, some of whom are multi-millionaires, to stop trying to lower or eliminated it. Americans work hard, and we deserve to be paid fairly.

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