Decision Postponed. Please stay engaged and join us at the April 16 City Commission Meeting!!!!
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Decision Postponed. Please stay engaged and join us at the April 16 City Commission Meeting!!!!

    1. Petition by

      Arts Garage (Creative City Collaborative)

February 2013


Arts Garage (Creative City Collaborative): Dear Friends and Supporters, We are grateful for the immense support, passionate pleas to the Commissioners and the incredible turnout at 2/12 city commission meeting. The chamber was packed with our supporters, residents and artists, some of whom live close enough to walk, and others who traveled from as far as Miami. We thank the Commission for exploring ways to keep Arts Garage where it is and for deciding to table their vote until April in search for better alternatives. I am optimistic that eventually a decision will be made that will ultimately benefit not only Arts Garage but also the entire city. We continue to take our hat off to CRA board and staff. It is because of their vision for Delray Beach that the Arts Garage had the foundation in which to flourish, why our Atlantic Avenue is exploding with activity and why Pineapple Grove is quickly becoming an arts district that others will want to emulate. We will keep you informed on the latest developments as they occur and ask you to stay engaged. Thank you once again for your continuing and generous efforts. We never take the privilege of your support for granted. Warmest wishes, Alyona


On February 12, 2013 hundreds of you came together to show your support for arts and culture in Delray Beach. Thousands more of you signed petitions and made calls. Ours was a positive movement intended to do nothing more than encourage our city commissioners to do what is in the best long term interest of Pineapple Grove Arts District, Delray Beach and Arts Garage.

Since that date, there have been some questionable and untrue accusations made. Most recently, Howard Kanner of the law firm Kanner & Pintaluga made a statement accusing Arts Garage and the CRA of excluding the firm from talks about the disposition of the property, commenting: “It’s so bizarre the way this is all being done… It’s all being done behind the scenes between the Arts Garage and the CRA.” (Sun Sentinel, 2/27).

These statements are entirely untrue, and are counter-productive and indeed harmful to the process of resolving this issue.

Our motives and actions have been clear and single-minded from the start; we only wish to enhance the cultural landscape of the city and of the region. Mayor Carney has advanced a proposal to split the property that is anything but ideal for either party. However, per his request, the CRA and Arts Garage addressed this proposal at CRA special open public meeting called last week to satisfy the Mayor’s tight time frame.

The CRA and Arts Garage have responded to all requests made by the city commission and the Mayor in an open and transparent fashion. We are not out of the woods yet. Please stay tuned as we at Arts Garage wait to find out if we can keep our home.

Your passion fuels ours. Thank you!!!


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    1. Decision-maker City Commission of Delray Beach, FL responds:

      City Commission of Delray Beach, FL

      keep the Arts Garage going!

    2. Decision-maker City Commission of Delray Beach, FL responds:

      City Commission of Delray Beach, FL

      Please let this wonderful place grow and flourish in it's present location.They are a true asset to our City of Delray Beach.
      Sandra Dezelan Axelband
      Dr.Mickey Axelband

    3. Reached 1,500 signatures
    4. Boca Magazine | The Arts Garage Needs YOU—NOW!!!!

      The Arts Garage Needs YOU-NOW!!!! | Boca Raton Magazine

      As far as South Florida downtowns go, Delray has been on the vanguard of doing things right. OK, so it helps that it has a real downtown that leads directly to the beach, but that's beside the point.

    5. Palm Beach ArtsPaper -Arts Garage successful, so of course, it’s threatened

      Comment: Arts Garage successful, so of course, it's threatened

      Perhaps only a conspiracy theorist could come up with a scenario where a fledgling arts center revives and enhances a region's jazz, blues, Latin, hip-hop, musical education and theater scenes, only to literally be sold out. But this is South Florida.

    6. Home of Delray Beach Nonprofit Arts Garage Threatened by City

      Home of Delray Beach Nonprofit Arts Garage Threatened by City - Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach - Music - County Grind

      Delray Beach nonprofit, the Arts Garage, is a "cultural hub" in Palm Beach County, presenting jazz, drag, and an eclectic mix of multi-disciplinary programming and performances in Palm Beach County. The two-years young organization was recently granted $80,000 in matching funds from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

    7. Outraged Arts Garage supporters gather outside Delray Beach City Hall

      Outraged Arts Garage supporters gather outside Delray Beach City Hall

      An alumnus of The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Cameron has worked with director Glenn Casale and Tony Award winner Wayne Cilento. He starred in GTE main Street Virtuality by award winning Executive Producer Robert Regan. An Entertainment Director of 3 cruise lines for 13 years, Cam has...

    8. In Delray Beach, Arts Garage move draws protest City commission vote on Feb,0,7500775.story?track=rss

      Across South Florida, and across the country for that matter, success stories on the local performing arts scene are rare. That a city would tinker with one that has just begun to blossom is a thorny subject.

      The Arts Garage in Delray Beach, which in less than two years has become a beacon of dynamic and imaginative music and theater programming for arts lovers in three counties, may have to leave its Pineapple Grove Arts District location if a city commission vote does not go its way.

      The commission on Feb. 12 will consider two bids for the building that houses the Arts Garage at 180 NE First St. Each is $2.5 million, one from the Creative City Collaborative, which operates the Arts Garage, and one from the Kanner & Pintaluga law firm.

      If the city chooses the bid (click on link above for full story)

    9. Reached 1,000 signatures
    10. Boca Magazine supports Arts Garage

      You like the Arts Garage, right? The great jazz and blues musicians you wouldn’t see anywhere else, the offbeat theater, the drag shows and piano virtuosi, the laissez-faire policy on outside food and drinks? We at Boca Magazine certainly love this venue; we’ve been hyping it since it played its first concert in summer 2011.

      If, like us, you love the Arts Garage and want to see it continue to thrive, its management needs your support. On Feb. 12, the Delray Beach City Commission will be deciding between two offers to purchase its current space, at 180 N.E. First Street. One offer would extend Arts Garage’s lease for another 10 years with an option to buy, and the dreaded second option would turn the location into office space, leaving this cultural and economic driver homeless.

      You can help this nonprofit’s cause by making your voice hear

    11. Reached 750 signatures
    12. Arts Garage in the news

      “The Arts Garage is singlehandedly reviving performance culture in Delray,” says Mark Fetterly, the theater director at Boynton Beach’s Santaluces High School, whose students were directed in an original monologue show by Tyrell called “Pieces Of Me.” “They are reaching audiences that the area hasn’t touched in decades.” read more....

      Delray Beach's underground arts scene is at Arts Garage

      Palm Beach Post Staff Writer Down the street from the busy bars of Delray Beach's Atlantic Avenue, in the trendiness of the Pineapple Grove district, there is a parking garage. Up top are cars, driven by the patrons of all that entertainment and trendiness.

    13. Board of Directors of Pineapple Grove Arts District

      The Board of Directors of Pineapple Grove has voted to request the following actions be taken: That the Arts Garage be allowed to permanently reside in its present location and continue to be the economic and social magnet it has become. We understand that this would entail that the City absorb the outstanding bond on the property and that in times of fiscal hardship supporting a venue for a non-profit art and performance space will find detractors. However, one must look at the overall economic impact resulting from the Arts Garage. According to Alyona Ushe, there are four shows a week that draw about 600 people into Pineapple Grove. Economic studies show that these 600 people spend about $76 each ($5 parking; $30 ticket; $21 for food and drink on the Avenue) each visit, which annualizes to $2,371,000 for the City of Delray Beach. Besides the economic benefit to the merchants and businesses in the City, the City will collect sales tax and property taxes will increase over time...


    Reasons for signing

    • Joel Fairchild FT.LAUDERDALE, FL
      • over 1 year ago

      South Florida Needs The Arts To Survive Here, It Is One Of The Important Cultural Atractions That Brings Visitors Here & Keeps Them Coming Back...

      • over 1 year ago

      The location, parking and intimate setting of the Arts Garage is ideal. Nice to be able to interact with the performers and feel so upclose and personal. Its like being in your own home amongst friends.

    • Camille Darby BOCA RATON, FL
      • over 1 year ago

      The current location for the Arts Garage is perfect!

    • Katy Moraskie DELRAY BEACH, FL
      • over 1 year ago

      Why is this suddenly a problem? The place has done wonders for Pineapple Grove which definitely went through growing pains! Let the music play!

    • rosalia wilkes DELRAY BEACH, FL
      • over 1 year ago

      Enjoyed the shows


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