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Dear University Hospital in San Antonio, Stop Discriminating Against Pit-Bull Type Dogs

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Dr. John Bini of University Hospital in San Antonio, Texas, recently published "Mortality, Mauling, and Maiming by Vicious Dogs" in the Annals of Surgery medical journal purporting to prove the link between fatal dog attacks and pit bulls. Of all the supposed data collected, Dr. Bini fails to reconcile several key issues when addressing the dangerous-dog debate. The study does not explain how each statistic was determined to include a pit bull, after all "pit bull" is not a breed of dog but rather a class of dogs that typically include three breeds but has grown exponentially in recent years to encompass almost any dog with a boxy head. Leading organizations, such as the American Veterinary Medicine Association, agree, dog-bite data is often manipulated to justify a certain position and is seriously flawed in its acquisition.

"Fortunately, fatal dog attacks are rare, but there seems to be a distinct relationship between the severity and lethality of an attack and the breed responsible," the study argued. "These breeds should be regulated in the same way in which other dangerous species, such as leopards, are regulated."

This analogy is surprising from a doctor. Comparing a domesticated animal to a non-domesticated, wild animal is a stretch at best, and fear mongering at worst. Dr. Bini fails to acknowledge that breed discrimination never works. From Miami, Florida, to Denver, Colorado, breed bans have not decreased fatal dog attacks in their 20-year existence, rather the number of attacks have remained the same or, more often, increased. However, the study is intent on showing that pit bulls are an inherent community danger and is unwilling to look at proven policies that combat the incidents of dog attacks such as anti-tethering and reckless owner laws.

"That will be the argument that a lot of people have, that it's not the dog. It's the owner. But I think you really have to throw the emotion out. Yeah, it's emotional. But throw it away and let's look at our data," Dr. Bini told Chron news.

Sorry, Dr. Bini, emotion is involved because too many dogs die because of misguided studies like yours and your flawed data.  Breed-discriminatory measures never work and rather than support the efforts to put the burden of responsibility where it should be - on canine guardians - your study engages in antiquated science that hundreds of cities and counties, and hundreds of thousands of dog owners know is as useless as the policy it promotes.


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    • suju bala BANGALORE, INDIA
      • almost 2 years ago

      i love pit bulls and think they have a right to live like any other breed

    • yolanda figueroa TAMPA, FL
      • almost 2 years ago

      We're the ones that are vicious and abusive towards others.

    • Kassy Sweet SNOW HILL, NC
      • about 2 years ago

      My BOY!

      facebook.com/lucastheservicedog is WHY I FIGHTs important to you?

    • Alpa Patel JERSEY CITY, NJ
      • about 2 years ago

      Did you know there is a vintage poster of a white Pitbull with the American flag tied around it's neck and in the poster it has a line of the Star Spangled Banner. The United States used the Pitbull in the military and as a bomb/narcotics dog and still do. Did you know the United States Customs and Border Protection trained a full Pitbull named Popsicle in Front Royal, VA about 60 miles from Washington DC? Popsicle done a lot of great work as a working dog and one particular he was on the news. He sniffed out a truck in Texas that had over $125 Million worth of drugs. He was famous nationally from being on the NBC Nightly News and more. People can Google search him and find his story and how the government given him a second chance to fight the type of people that neglected him and left him to die which were drug dealers. Lizard was another Pitbull dog that worked for the Customs and a local police department who died recently. Shaka a female Pitbull came from the Manhattan, NY shelter and works for the Oregon Police department. How come the government is so proud of these Pitbulls and trains Pitbulls to fight crime, while allowing bans on them as well? It doesn't make sense. Pitbulls are discriminated and it's the biases that prevent them from getting adopted and into good homes along with becoming working or service dogs. Remove the bans because it's wrong. If Martin Luther King was alive he would remove it because it's discriminates the dogs. No dog should be treated badly due to gender, breed, mixes, and all instead respect and love all dogs as special and good. United States Government support your working dogs and remove the bans of Pitbulls nationwide. The Pitbull breed represents proudly as a working dog for the US it's about time you show them respect by removing the bans.

    • dennis aubut ORANGE CITY, FL
      • about 2 years ago



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