Conduct an audit of NBA referees using an independent, mutual agency.
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David Stern and the NBA

Conduct an audit of NBA referees using an independent, mutual agency.

    1. Tessa Yesselman
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      Tessa Yesselman

      Brooklyn, NY

Professional sports should be a model to people watching everywhere of the importance of teamwork and integrity. Instead, David Stern commissions a league that panders incessantly to superstars, as a means of assuring that their teams be victorious. Last night, Lebron James shot 24 free throws, while the entire Celtics roster shot a total of 29. Only one player on the Heat had more than 3 fouls, while 3 players on the Celtics fouled out of the game. Rajon Rondo was hit across his head by Dwyane Wade right in front of a referee at a critical junction of the game, and no foul was called. Players and coaches are fined if they speak negatively about referees. Luckily, fans still have a voice, and Stern and the league need to hear it. This type of officiating should be unacceptable, and David Stern should be held accountable.

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    • Roy Caddell YPSILANTI, MI
      • over 2 years ago

      I'm signing this petition, because I hope the Justice Department will take notice--ONCE AND FOR ALL--of the corruption in the NBA. It's obvious if you watch this years playoffs the NBA League Office had one agenda, get Lebron his first ring! In the Eastern Conference Finals, Boston was hit with a record number of technical fouls in game one, and it was for stupid things like the coach saying, "come on." Game two was loaded with phantom foul calls sending Lebron James to the line to shoot 24 free throws alone, while at the same time, officials clearly seen Rondo get hit in the head while attempting a layup and officials called nothing! OFFICIALS WERE EVEN WORSE IN THE FINALS, where in game three, Joey Crawford called many phantom fouls where there was little no no contact, while at the same time allowing the Thunder to be mugged by the Heat. Game 3--in my mind--was CRIMINAL! How can the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT NOT DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS. Just look at game 3 of the 2007 Western Conference Finals if you want proof that OFFICIALS FIX GAMES, BECAUSE IT'S BLATANTLY OBVIOUS. Tim Donaghy and the other two refs officiating that game allowed the Spurs to RAPE the Suns, while at the same time calling phantom fouls on the Suns! ANYONE WITH A BRAIN STEM SHOULD BE ABLE TO SEE THAT GAME WAS FIXED, JUST WATCH THE VIDEO ON YOUTIBE! I have filed a complaint with the Justice Department, and requested a formal investigation into the corrupt officiating practices of the NBA, and I will continue to speak out against it in every way possible! David Stern says he welcomes transparency; however, he runs the league like a MOB, and officiating is completely inconsistent, oftentimes one sided favoring certain teams and players, and anything but transparent!

      • over 2 years ago

      WADES FOUL ON RONDO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tyler Scott LOS ANGELES, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      I don't watch wrestling for a reason...since NBA television deal has gone from 10 mil/year in 1980 to almost a billion/year they fix the outcome to the best of their ability. Their poster boy LEBRON HAS to win or at least get to the finals. It is the wrong business model. Pure and simple idiocy in the long run when any idiot can plainly see the bias/fix. This will HURT ratings and is flat out WRONG. Fk the NBA.


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