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Stop the 8 Washington Street Condominium Project
  • Petitioned David Chiu

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Supervisor and Board President
David Chiu
Supervisor, District 1
Eric Mar
Supervisor, District 2
Mark Farrell
Supervisor, District 6
Jane Kim
Supervisor, District 8
Scott Wiener
Supervisor, District 9
David Campos
Supervisor, District 11
John Avalos

Stop the 8 Washington Street Condominium Project

    1. Petition by

      Ethel Jimenez

      San Francisco, CA

The 8 Washington Street Condominium Project does not belong at the proposed site.  Listed below are the major reasons.

Please write to the Board of Supervisors and ask them to scrutinize the developer's plans before they vote.

1. Zoning - The 8 Washington project will be 80 feet higher than the old Embarcadero Freeway. The developer seeks the first height increase on the northern waterfront in almost 50 years in order to build condominiums that will cost $2.5 to $7.5 million.

2. Transit First Policy - The proposed project violates San Francisco's Transit First Policy by including a 400 car garage. The area is well served by public transit and existing parking garages.  Virtually every garage and parking lot is empty outside of business hours.

3. City Subsidy - The Port proposes transferring $24 million in future city property tax payments from this site to the Port to pay for Port projects and to refund $5 million to the 8 Washington developer.  This money could support many of the vital services that the city is reducing. The city will be subsidizing multi-million dollar condominiums at the expense of its middle class citizens.

4. Open Recreational Space - The proposed condominium project will destroy the Golden Gateway Tennis and Swim Club. The club will be replaced by a much smaller club with reduced facilities and, most likely, higher membership fees. The club has served middle-income families, seniors, and renters from across the city for over 40 years. The club is open to all. It is not an invitation only club.


5. Alternative Plan - We support a more comprehensive approach to developing all of the Port's remaining Seawall Lots, including 8 Washington, that would generate more revenue and jobs for the City, preserve the community's active recreation center, and create better connections between the waterfront and downtown neighborhoods such as Chinatown and North Beach.


6. The California Teachers Retirement System has invested $25 million into this project. Why are they not investing in affordable housing for teachers? Most teachers cannot afford to live in San Francisco.

Recent signatures


    1. We Need San Francisco Registered Voters

      Ethel Jimenez
      Petition Organizer

      Friends of Golden Gateway and the "No Wall on the Waterfront"" committee are circulating a petition and we need your help.

      The petition will put a referendum on the November ballot which will ask voters to decide whether the 8 Washington Street project should proceed.

      We ask all registered voters who live in San Francisco to sign the paper petition. It is separate from the online petition.

      You will see us outside the club, The Gateway apartments, Safeway, and many other locations across the city.

      Please visit 15 Columbus Avenue to volunteer or to sign the petition.

      We thank all who have signed the online petition. You can sign the paper petition even if you have signed online.

      For additional information, click on the link below.

      Thank you,
      Ethel Jimenez

    2. FOGG Fundraiser - Event details

      Ethel Jimenez
      Petition Organizer

      Please click on the link below for details on the FOGG Fundraiser, Thursday, June 21, 2012
      There will be a great crowd as well as food, drink, a silent auction, great music and plenty of fun.

    3. Save the Date! - FOGG Fundraiser, Thursday, June 21, 2012

      Ethel Jimenez
      Petition Organizer

      A fundraiser for the Friends of Golden Gateway (FOGG) will be held at the One Ferry Plaza restaurant which is located behind the Ferry building. The event will begin at 6 pm, on Thursday, June 21, 2012.

      Additional details will be provided soon. Please save the date.

      Thank you for your continued support.

      Ethel Jimenez

    4. Reached 1,000 signatures
    5. Video showing Proposed 8 Washington Condominium Development

      Ethel Jimenez
      Petition Organizer

      A video is worth a thousand words. Please click on the link below to view a video of what the proposed condominium project will look like. Thank you to Theo Armour and Brad Paul.

    6. Reached 250 signatures
    7. May 15, 2012 - Board of Supervisors meeting to vote on 8 Washington Street

      Ethel Jimenez
      Petition Organizer

      MAY 15, 2012 - The Board of Supervisors will be meeting to vote on the 8 Washington Street/Seawall Lot 351 proposed Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) & Conditional Use Permit (CUP).

      Please make plans to attend the Board of Supervisors meeting on MAY 15, 2012. The meeting begins at 4:00 pm, in Room 250, City Hall. Plan to arrive early - we expect a big crowd.

      FOGG needs all of you there to show support. You may speak, if you like, on behalf of the thousands of middle income families, their kids and seniors. We must save our Community’s one of a kind outdoor recreational center.

      Act now by writing to the Board of Supervisors. Please go to the link below for email addresses. Please make sure that District 3 Supervisor and Board President, David Chiu, is copied on your correspondence. His email address is david.chiu@sfgov.org.

      NOW is the time to act. We have only two weeks left to take action.

    8. Reached 50 signatures


    Reasons for signing

      • about 1 year ago

      San Francisco is becoming a theme park city for the rich.

      STOP THIS c

    • Robert Wadginski SAN FRANCISCO, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      I have enjoyed GGTSC swimming facility for many years, and now want to preserve this extremely valuable and especially affordable resource for my daughter's use as well. Please, let's keep the GGTSC in our community! The last thing this site in San Francisco needs is another private development high priced residential high rise instead of the beautiful and much needed recreation facility and green area that exists there today!

    • Stephen Posnock FLORHAM PARK, NJ
      • over 2 years ago

      I'm a former member of this wonderful tennis club and I'm sick to my stomach that it could be destroyed.

    • Emily Case SAN FRANCISCO, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      I oppose destroying Golden Gateway Tennis and Swim Club as it serves middle-income people like me, allowing me to swim and workout at a beautiful outdoor facility unlike any other in the city.

    • Brooke Nelson SAN FRANCISCO, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      Golden Gateway is a totally unique feature of an urban city, and one of the things that makes San Francisco a fantastic place to live.


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