Stop the Lifestyle Communities development off  Seldom Seen Rd.
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Stop the Lifestyle Communities development off Seldom Seen Rd.

    1. Jim Kamnikar
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      Jim Kamnikar

      Powell, OH

Powell residents would like to express their reasons for objecting to the approval of this development including, but not limited to:

550 units on 37 acres (compared with Golf Village - 1400 units on 1000 acres)

The drawings show quaint little townhomes, colonial style - they do not show
the 1000+ possible vehicles in the parking lot. They may be asking for 3 floor buldings, 2 is code and the drawings show 5!

With the number of units - all two and three bedroom units - there is a very
likely scenario of over 1000 enrollments into our already crowded schools. When the schools must take on the additional enrollment of even 500 more students, new schools will eventually have to be built and at the minimum in the nearer future, re-districting is certain. New schools = new taxes.

The high density population in addition to the already growing population
will put a much higher demand on police, fire and other services (e.g., road
maintenance); more services = more taxes.

The increased traffic will put further strain on already crowded roads (e.g.,
Powell Road downtown). Currently, Sawmill and Seldom Seen Roads are not capable of accommodating the increased traffic; new roads = new taxes.

Consider real estate values. With either overcrowded schools and roadways OR high taxes for new schools and roads, families will not continue to move here. This will result in properties being harder to sell and at a lower cost.

There are at least 18 apartment complexes north of 270 offering town home, patio home and condominium living. Many of these complexes are offering “Free Rent” to get these units filled.

The Olentangy Schools business manager has asked "please do not do this, as, based on looking at similar developments in our district, it will (conservatively) have a net effect of costing our district $1.3 million dollars".

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    • Brett Spurgeon POWELL, OH
      • 10 months ago

      Traffic congestion would rise and property values would fall - not a good combination.

    • Stephen Palovchik DELAWARE, OH
      • over 1 year ago

      Taxes are already absurd!

    • Lisa Perez POWELL, OH
      • over 1 year ago

      We need more corporations paying taxes in Powell.....not more residents!

      • over 1 year ago

      I love the Lifestyle which Powell now offers... This new complex of apartments would become an urban blight to the Powell community within a few years.

    • Mary Landers POWELL, OH
      • over 1 year ago

      The quality of our schools and the lost time due to traffic that is already inadequately addressed. 315 is currently very dangerous with several areas that hold water in even minor storms, causing hydroplaning. The sides of the road are very dirty and are full of trash and debris left by tree pruning. Planned improvements will help but are being scaled down to preserve the "scenic" riverway. Sawmill is scheduled to be extended with the impact of increasing traffic without new development. Powell Road is constrained to two lanes. A traffic nightmare.


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