Danish TV. The killing of animals is not entertainment.
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Danish TV. The killing of animals is not entertainment.

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Danish TV has been broadcasting entertainment programmes in whcih amateurs shoot animals for fun and then eat them.

In one programme, we follow a Danish female TV host who is the hunter and a Danish actor who is a cook. The programme is called "The wildest meal." The program takes place in Africa.

Among other things, we see her shoot a zebra and then the cook prepares a meal from it.

There are three species of zebras. One of them is critical endangered. As a non-expert, she has no prerequisites for knowing if she has in fact shot an endangered species.

She is a passionate hunter and is explicitly jubilant when she has shot an animal. Please watch the video here. It is in Danish but the pictures speak for themselves.


She claims that she only shoots the animals that she eats. Did she eat an elephant?
She has an elephant's head displayed as a trophy on her wall.

In the living room hangs a giant elephant’s head with its trunk raised on the wall along with trophies of large antelopes, and the coffee table is equipped with real giraffe legs.

In another programme, we follow two complete amateurs, showing a total lack of respect for animals. Once again, one of these shoots an animal while the other prepares a meal out of the animal. The programme is called "Kill and Eat"

Both amateuars seem to be a little drunk and several of the animals have only been wounded as opposed to shot.

At the start of the programme, they select an animalt hat is to be shot and if they do not manage to hit it, they instead shoot an animal pertaining to a category of animals that they refer to as "loser" animals. For this purpose, a fox and a marten have suffered – both of which were subsequently eaten .

See pictures here

In Denmark, there are few predators left and they should not be eradicated in order to please a few Danes.

It is deeply unethical to portray the killing of wildlife “for fun” as entertainment.

If you, like I, think that it is reprehensible to broadcast such programmes, please sign this petition.

Thank you very much.

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