Dan Hotsenpiller: Drop Charges Against Jamie Dowling
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Dan Hotsenpiller: Drop Charges Against Jamie Dowling

    1. Bernadette Bifano
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      Bernadette Bifano

      Leadville, CO

On March 9th, Jamie Dowling lost both of her young children in a horrific car accident on a snow packed road in Colorado. Both children were wearing seat-belts properly when Jamie lost control on a patch of ice. But now, District Attorney Dan Hotsenpiller wants to charge her with careless driving resulting in death. This was a terrible accident that took place on a snowy highway - not something a mother who just lost her only children should have to relive in the court system. 

I can attest to the horrendous driving conditions that day. In fact, the accident happened right next to my parent's home and they were the first people on the scene (20 minutes before EMS). Her 5-year-old son Landryn Scott had died at the scene and 2-year-old Raylee Kay would die later at the hospital. Jamie suffered serious injuries. This could have been anyone that lost control.     Jamie should be allowed to move on without having this dragged on any further by the Judicial System. The other driver involved refused to press charges against Jamie, so why should the DA?  I would like to propose that we stand up and show Jamie what community is about and fight these charges so she can move on with life.

Jamie is a 22 year old mother from Texas who moved to Gunnison, CO that same week to start a new life with her family. Please sign to help her get through this as quickly as possible and to let District Attorney Dan Hotsenpiller know that she may have been a new member to the community, but she doesn't stand alone.  

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      Bernadette Bifano
      Petition Organizer

      I am very saddened to report that Jamie has decided to plead guilty. Sentencing will be August 14. Through this whole battle Jamie has just wanted it to be over so that she may move forward. Pleading guilty will make that happen for her. I'm feeling very let down by our Judicial system making someone feel as though they are backed into a corner and shouldn't fight back. Thank you all to the many supporters, I wish I had better news. Please keep Jamie in your thoughts on August 14th.

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    • Maryanne Pietsch ARMIDALE, CO
      • 3 months ago

      I feel saddened that the truth is being ignored in Jamie Dowling's case. It makes me wonder at the true motives of the District Attorney mentioned. For Jamie to be charged with murder & to be forced to plead guilty in these circumstances is horrendous for Jamie & I really imagine for her loved ones & all who know her.

    • Patricia Hilde TWIN VALLEY, MN
      • 7 months ago

      I am sorry for Jamie. The DA should be ashamed of his/her self.

    • Daniel Ramirez RINCóN, PR
      • 8 months ago

      I may not know the mother but sentencing her for a accident is wrong her loss is already her prison she doesn't need another one,time will mold her i just hope it doesn't destroy her in the process.May the children rest in peace.

    • Barrie Stark WENONAH, NJ
      • 8 months ago

      It is important to me, because anyone can have an accident when it is icy on the roads. Her children were PROPERLY seat belted in, which I would think would have protected them, and I'm sure she thought the same. She does NOT deserve to be prosecuted.

    • David bosco TAMALE, GHANA
      • 8 months ago

      For friends


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