End George Zimmerman Boxing Match
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End George Zimmerman Boxing Match

    1. Rughda Baldo
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      Rughda Baldo

      West Orange, NJ

It is understood that justice has yet to be found for the unfair and untimely death of teenager Trayvon Martin who died at the hands of a prejudice George Zimmerman. However, this being said, pinning Zimmerman, who walked free of charges, in a celebrity boxing match is NOT the way to do it. The fact that we have allowed him to be labeled a celebrity is a flaw, to say the least, in and of itself. The man is infamous only because mass American media has blown his name and the name of Trayvon Martin into daily entertainment... ahem, sorry, "news." This has gone on for too long and now has gone too far. The lack of respect for life of the boy who died and his family by continuing to keep his murderer's name relevant and trying to justify it by saying the proceeds will go to charity is astonishing. It is not about who gets the money. It is about the fact that you are making a mockery out of a serious situation and making a celebrity out of a man who should at least be confined within his conscience, since the legal system in Florida failed to confine him in a jail cell where he belongs.

George Zimmerman is not a celebrity. I do not know him. I will not label him a racist, or a monster, but he is a man who made a concious decision based off of a prejudiced judgement to take the life of an unarmed teenaged boy. Luckily for him, he was protected by the laws of his state and allowed to walk free. This was two years ago. Ever since then, the case and the name of the killer have resurfaced time and time again in the news, a man who's name was unheard of before he pulled the trigger and killed the 16 year old. I for one am tired of hearing the name Zimmerman. It is blatant disrespect to his family and those who loved him and simply embarrassing to the lives of everyday Americans with any sense who believe this to be completely nonsensical.

A child lost his life. Had he not gone to the store that day, he would be enjoying his 19th birthday with his loved ones. I can imagine that his loved ones have a hard time as it is coping with this without having to see the unapologetic face and name of his killer everywhere. Is this really how you show respect? 


George Zimmerman is not a celebrity. Show some respect to the lost life of Trayvon Martin. End this "celebrity boxing match." 

Damon Feldman, Celebrity Boxing Federation
Put an end to the George Zimmerman "celebrity" boxing match.

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      Rughda Baldo
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      DMX in talks to fight George Zimmerman in 'celebrity boxing match'

      Isaac Lopez/New York Daily News Though not yet finalized, the matchup between George Zimmerman and Earl (DMX) Simmons would be an interesting one. If the price is right, George Zimmerman could be standing his ground in a "celebrity boxing match" against rapper DMX.

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    • Vicki Vicki CLEVELAND, OH
      • 8 months ago

      Obviously he is not to be celebrated in any shape form or fashion

    • john wright RALEIGH, NC
      • 8 months ago

      The death of treyvon martin was untimely and unnecessary. I would like to see "TRUE" justice served !

    • Bryant Hill HANOVER, MD
      • 8 months ago

      Out of respect for the Martin family

    • Diana Kropf COTOPAXI, CO
      • 8 months ago

      You have got to be f___ing me. Who comes up with this crap? Mike Tyson convicted of rape goes back in the ring. Michael Vick is back in the NFL after the murderous torture and deaths of beautiful, helpless dogs who didn't perform to his standards. (The NFL is a joke as they are a 501-C non tax paying organization in case ya'll don't know!) Ray Lewis (NFL)a convicted felon and the lists go on and on and on. This slime sucking poor excuse of a human being has the nerve to request a boxing match to show the violence that courses through his veins. Don't get me wrong I like boxing once in a while. But, why is it that celebrities are granted these types of disgustingly public approved events??? The insatiable lust for the foul and unacceptable needs to end. So sad to say I'm afraid it never will.

    • Gregory Brockington BROOKLYN, NY
      • 8 months ago

      1. Not gonna bring Trayvon back

      2. We don't need to use ANY of our social/news worthy resources on giving this guy AMY more of our attention

      3. GOD FORBID if they are charging money (to any FOOL, and I do mean FOOL) willing to pay to see this BAPHOONARY.


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