Stop the Daily Mail sexualising children
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Stop the Daily Mail sexualising children

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      Owen Jones

      London, United Kingdom

The Daily Mail and MailOnline have a sinister track record of presenting underage girls in a deeply inappropriate and sexualised manner. This has to stop, and the Daily Mail should show contrition by making a generous contribution to the NSPCC, and should meet with children's charities to discuss changing editorial guidelines.

Take their portrayal of Kylie Jenner, as described by the New Statesman: 

"Kylie Jenner is “seen posing up against a rusty old truck” with her sister, Kendall, in their “flirty white dresses.” With “much longer limbs” than their more famous siblings they “made the most of their trim pins”. Later, Kylie changes into an olive-green gown “which is skimpy around the bust area”,and “works her magic in front of the camera”. She has less modelling experience than Kendall, a swimsuit model who “is envied by millions of girls … for her lithe figure,” but is catching up, and loves “posing for the cameras”.

Kylie Jenner is 14 years old."

They boast of "teen bikini queens", described as "exhibitionists" who "display maturity and a lifestyle far beyond their years."

I hesitate before suggesting you click on this link - because of the overt sexualisation of young girls: 'Courtney Stodden photo album: Teen bride as an innocent 12-year-old... posing with sisters in first bikini shoot.'

And then there's Heidi Klum's eight-year-old daughter, described by the Mail as a "leggy beauty". Heidi's daughter was 8 years old at the time. And how about the caption: "The eight-year-old showed off her best model walk through the parking lot."

Or take Elle Fanning: the headline about her originally read "Lady Liberty! Teenager Elle Fanning shows off her womanly curves as she pays homage to New York statue." She was 14. The piece went on like this: "The 14-year-old took to Instagram to share a photograph of her Halloween outfit and wasn't afraid to flaunt her curves for the camera." It goes on to describe her "rather demure" dress: "Although it covered up her chest area and thighs, the design featured a high split which allowed her to pop her leg out of the side. When she turned around, flesh was on show as the cut-out material scooped to just above her derriere and featured clasps which fastened at the centre of her neck."

Or read here about how the Daily Mail talked about 14-year-old Chloe Moretz.

And so it goes on.

It's about time we showed our disapproval at this sinister portrayal of underage girls. Sign this petition and add your voice to this call for change.

Daily Mail / MailOnline
Stop sexualising children

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      • 5 days ago

      Studying the filed of 'sexualisation' and the effects on children and women

    • john james kelly BRISTOL, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 18 days ago

      Enforced adoption could be seen as a very "convenient" way to bring children into the "care" system. More and more people are waking up and seeing just how corrupt the "care" industry is.

      Institutionalised paedophilia is so engrained in the UK it's astounding.

      Rotherham (how many more councils are guilty?)

      Savile - friend to Thatcher and the "royals"

      Visit to find out more about this hideous issue.

      Fight these monsters in the courts (while we still have some kind of judicial system) If you can't get legal aid get a no win no fee lawyer or even try getting a lawyer pro bono

    • James Hazeltine PRESTON, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 29 days ago

      They are hypocritical and disgusting

      • about 1 month ago

      I have a daughter and I find this way of describing young girls in terms of appearance worrying? Can you imagine a similar description of your boys? It would sound perverted and it also does when applied to girls.

      • 2 months ago

      this type of underhand pervyness upsets me


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