Report on women for their achievements, not their partners or what they wear
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Report on women for their achievements, not their partners or what they wear

    1. Lucy Hurn
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      Lucy Hurn

      london, United Kingdom

The Daily Mail covered Amal Alamuddin’s attendance at the End Sexual Violence Summit by first describing her as George Clooney's fiancée, going on to say how she is planning her wedding to him (not even their wedding) and then saying how stylish she looked in her red dress and shoes. It went on to state how her attendance allowed her to show of ‘her slim pins’, as if that was her primary reason for attending rather than the vitally important issue itself. 

The media constantly report on women based on who they are married to, what they are wearing and how good they look in it, and whether they appear slim or overweight.

Women deserve better – Demand the Daily Mail report on women for who they are and what they achieve rather than whose partner they are or what they are wearing. They’re obviously feeling the heat already - the article has been changed since it first went on line to get rid of the reference to her 'floral heels' and ‘pins’ and note that the event is a ‘serious occasion’.


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    1. Have you seen today’s Daily Mail coverage of “Cameron’s Cuties”?

      Lucy Hurn
      Petition Organizer

      Together, we got an apology from the Daily Mail for their sexist coverage of Amal Alamuddin, but it is clear from their outrageous reports today on female MPs in the government reshuffle that they have not changed their ways. Headlines includes ‘Thigh flashing Esther and ‘the battle of the catwalk’, referring to the MPs walk into No 10.

      They cannot get away with this!

      >>> Email the Daily Mail now to complain. Address:

      Rather than focussing on the importance of correcting the gender balance in the Cabinet, both the online and print editions of the Mail instead chose to focus on the appearance of the women promoted.

      The online story on ‘Cameron’s cuties’ gave a rundown of each women’s appearance, focussing on who is the most glamorous new member of Cabinet and how ‘perfectly coiffed’ her hair was -

      The print edition was even more offensive, as well as the front cover focussing on Esther McVey’s thigh - - the inside story broke down her appearance with an assessment of her hair, legs and makeup.

      This type of coverage is highly damaging and demeaning to women, and reinforces and perpetuates the view that women are defined and valued by their appearance, not who they are or what they achieve.

      >>> Please write and complain today, raising some of the points above. Send to

      Thanks very much,


      P.S If you don’t have time to email The Daily Mail, please take a minute to tweet them @DailyMailUK, including #SexistMail

    2. Update: Reply from Daily Mail on reporting of women

      Lucy Hurn
      Petition Organizer

      Hi all,

      Thanks so much for singing my Change petition (, calling on the Mail to cover women for who they are, not as a result of what they are wearing or who their partner is.

      I wanted to let you know the latest news on the campaign - yesterday I received an email from the Assistant Editor of the Daily Mail who, whilst citing some of features they run celebrating women’s achievements, says “nevertheless we recognise we can always do better”. He goes on to apologise for the headline we complained about “which we agree was inappropriate” (and was subsequently updated) and says “we take note of your points and have circulated them to those concerned for future consideration”.

      It’s great news that they are listening and have acted on our complaint! But they have fallen short of agreeing to a meeting to discuss the wider issue of reporting of women in the media.

      I’m planning the next stages of this campaign now, and hope to update you shortly, but in the meantime, please help build the pressure on the Daily Mail for a meeting by sharing the petition with your friends.

      Share the petition:

      When I launched the campaign 2 weeks ago, as a reaction to a headline and article in the Daily Mail, I had no idea how far it would go. But in just 2 weeks it’s already been signed by over 2,500 people from across the world, and reading the comments at the bottom of the petition, I can see I’ve clearly touched a nerve. Let’s keep building this together and ensure we get some lasting change!!

      Lucy Hurn

      Daily Mail Editor: Report on women for their achievements, not their partners or what they wear

      Thursday's Daily Mail reported Amal Alamuddin's attendance at the End Sexual Violence Summit by first describing her as George Clooney's fiancée,...

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    • Anita Kanitz STUTTGART, GERMANY
      • 21 days ago

      The solution to women’s issues can only be achieved in a free and democratic society in which human energy is liberated, the energy of both women and men together. Our civilization is called human civilization and is not attributed only to men or women.

      • 24 days ago

      I have noticed this constant sexist attitude of the Daily Mail and have been very annoyed by it. You have given me the chance to protest.

    • Mike Sheppard LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM
      • about 1 month ago

      because focusing on floral heels ahead of a summit to end sexual violence makes no sense to me

    • Sara Helena Melgarejo Beltran BOGOTá, COLOMBIA
      • 3 months ago

      The important thing is what you really are not what you are wearing.

      • 3 months ago

      It's appalling how many media particularly the 'Red Tops' continue to relate their reporting of women based on their partner, their children and their relationships regardless of the issue involved. Why not talk about her work as a human rights lawyer and her views on sexual violence rather than her legs, colour or her dress and her impending marriage. Would they have done this when reporting about a man's involvement in the event?


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