DA Mark Hurlbert: Don't Drop Felony Charges Against Hit-and-Run Wealth Manager
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District Attorney, Colorado 5th Judicial District
Mark Hurlbert

DA Mark Hurlbert: Don't Drop Felony Charges Against Hit-and-Run Wealth Manager

    1. Joe Arasin
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      Joe Arasin

      San Francisco, CA

On July 3, Steven Milo was riding his bicycle when he was allegedly struck from behind by wealth manager Martin Joel Erzinger. Rather than stop and call 911, or otherwise seek help for Dr. Milo, Erzinger fled the scene and called the Mercedes auto assistance service for help with his broken side mirror.

Now, Eagle County DA Mark Hurlbert is willing to drop felony charges against Erzinger, because he's worried that Erzinger may be unable to keep his job, where he is dedicated to "ultra high net worth individuals, their families and foundations." 

See http://www.vaildaily.com/article/20101104/NEWS/101109939/1078 for more information.

Photo Credit: Nicolas Elizaga

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