Change the law that both parents should have equal rights to the child.
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Governor Of Ohio
John R. Kasich

Change the law that both parents should have equal rights to the child.

    1. Shane Pierce
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      Shane Pierce

      Lancaster, OH

in the state of Ohio the law states that all baby's born outside of a marriage, the mother gets full custody, which is not fair at all, because the father has no rights due to this law unless they file for custody, well if the dad signs the birth certificate it states that he is financially responsible for the child, and he states he is the father, well the mother has 3 days to notify vital statistics if she has doubt that hes the dad, well i feel if the father signs the birth certificate then they should have 50/50 rights to the child married or not, because of that law good fathers who want to be a part in the kids life end up getting screwed in the end, and i feel that once a dad signs a birth certificate he should have equal rights, the only thing the birth certificate states is that your the dad and child support could be informed on you. well that law is bogas because if your in the child's life from day one and the kids mom wants to keep your child away there is nothing that can be done until a court date which is like 5 months away, well that's 5 months a child has to go with out seeing the other parent. i think its unfair and unconstitutional, because there is plenty of moms out there that don't want nothing to do with there kids but hold them over the dads head. i think its unconstitutional and it violates our equal rights act, woman are not better then men, i feel that dads should have just as much right to there child as a mother, because if the mother wants to walk away for lets say a month and then come back in to the picture and tell the dad well guess what u have no rights give me my child, that's gonna mess with the dad mentally, and really mess with the kids head. the dad can go and files paperwork for emergency custody well u have to prove the mom unfit. the dad can go out and file for custody but the court system is so backed up that a court date wont be available for at least a couple months. i feel that rule 17 should be in effect once the father signs the birth certificate, not wait until the father goes to court to be able to see the child, because once again the court date wouldn't be for a while, and in the case the mom and dad are together if rule 17 is applied at birth of the child then they don't have to abide by it unless they separate, but in the case the parents split up i feel that if rule 17 is applied at birth of the child then the child would have equal time with the parent until court is scheduled and it gets set up by a judge!

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      • 5 months ago

      kasi gagamitin nya sa pag pasok sa eskwelahan

    • Chad Estle ASHLAND, OH
      • 10 months ago

      Because my son is heading for something like this. He got his girlfriend pregnant and now they have broken up. She has gone back to her ex-boyfriend who dropped out of school as a freshmen and does not have a job and does drugs according to numerous sources. She has called off work for the last 2 weeks and did not show for school on Friday. (Yes,I know it was one day but who knows how this will play out.) She is already threatening him with not being able to see the child and I am not keen on that idea even though he made a serious mistake in agreeing with her to get pregnant.

    • Matthew Horton NEW PLYMOUTH, OH
      • about 1 year ago

      My sons mom wont let me n the hospital to see his birth

    • Leslie Herron LANCASTER, OH
      • about 1 year ago

      All kids need both parents in their life's.

    • Jessica Holland LANCASTER, OH
      • about 1 year ago

      I know several amazing fathers whom pay child support but never get to see their children. I personally feel this is not fair to the children or the fathers!


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