Hold another hearing in NYC in the fall
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Chair, NYS Assembly Education Committee
Hon. Catherine Nolan
Cuomo Commission
The Cuomo Commission on Education Reform
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Hold another hearing in NYC in the fall

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      Class Size Matters

The Cuomo Commission held only one short hearing in NYC, despite the fact that we are the largest school district in the country with more than one third of the state's students. We are urging them to hold another hearing in the fall, in the evening when more parents and members of the public could attend.  We are also asking that they have balanced panels, with a wide array of views.

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    • George Nickel STATEN ISLAND, NY
      • about 2 years ago

      It is important that class size be capped for learning to improve.

    • Edith Litwack GREAT NECK, NY
      • about 2 years ago

      I am a New York City teacher. I have firsthand experience and understanding of the difference smaller classes make in the quality of students' education.

    • David Pratt HOPEWELL JCT., NY
      • about 2 years ago

      It's obvious Cuomo and friends are more interested in making money off textbooks and testing than fixing real problems. It is also an attempt to get rid of any high paid teacher. The end result will be a lack of qualified young people entering teaching.

    • Catherine Morrison MAHWAH, NJ
      • about 2 years ago

      I am a teacher in New York State.

    • Mary Beth Evans SCARSDALE, NY
      • about 2 years ago

      The fate of public education is at stake and all with a stake in strong public schools deserve a real opportunity to have their voices heard without filter.


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