Crytek: To make Ryse: Son of Rome available for PC (and PS4).

Crytek: To make Ryse: Son of Rome available for PC (and PS4).

    1. Pedro Dias
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      Pedro Dias

      Olhão, Portugal

This was one of the best games presented at E3 Conference this year 2013, and a lot of people was surprised it was a XBOX One exclusive.

We believe this game should be made available for PC and PS4 as well. There are a lot of Pc gamers that would buy this game, no doubt, if it became available.

There are a lot of gamers CRAZY about games related to Roman times and Roman History, and for PC gamers there have been some games developed regarding this, such as ROME TOTAL WAR, but never in 3rd person.

The opportunity to play as a roman soldier, 3rd person throughout, its unbelievable, and it would be a shame and not fair to be a XBOX One only. We PC and PS4 fans should have the opportunity to play this amazing game as well!!

So please make Ryse: Son of Rome available for PC and Ps4! :)

We would like you to make Ryse: Son of Rome available for PC and PS4.

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      Pedro Dias
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    4. Over 6.500 WOOOW

      Pedro Dias
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      Unbelievable guys .. thank you just hope this takes us somewhere!! :D

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      Pedro Dias
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      Almost at the barrier of the 1,500 signatures. Thank you all you guys who are helping out with signatures :D

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      Pedro Dias
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      We have just passed the barrier of 750 signatures.
      Lets keep on going till the 1 000!! :D

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      Pedro Dias
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      Amazing we have just crossed the barrier of the 500 signatures.
      Thanks a lot to all you guys who have taken the time to sign. Keep sending it to your friends in order to get more signatures.

      Thank You all
      GOOD JOB :D

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    12. Another Step Closer

      Pedro Dias
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      AMAZING. 90 more and we reach the 500 signatures
      Thank you guys

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      Pedro Dias
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      New Goal Guys .. we have reached the 272 signatures, the new goal is 500 .. only 227 left :D
      COME ON!!

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      Pedro Dias
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      Once again guys thank your for helping me and my wish (as well as other players) to come true. We are over the 200 signatures (218 to be exact)

      Thank You :)

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    17. Thanks

      Pedro Dias
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      I would like to give a big thank you to all, that have taken the time to sign this petition, and help me raise (so far) 154 signatures, bit by bit we will be able to make ourselves be heard by Crytek, and hopefully they will make Ryse: Son of Rome available for PS4.

      (continue to share with friends, to help the number of signatures grow)

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      Pedro Dias
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      Although there are still a few signatures, I would like to thank you all, that have taken the time to sign the petition, and helping me raise the 100 signatures bit by bit.

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