Remove the attempted Rape scene & storyline from 2013 Tomb Raider
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Remove the attempted Rape scene & storyline from 2013 Tomb Raider

    1. Jackie Arbelo
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      Jackie Arbelo

      Chicago, IL

Because rape is not something that is needed in a female's life to make her a strong empowered individual, quite the opposite! If this was a game with a male hero rape would never be something they would include in his origins story. Lara Croft has been a cherished Video Game icon for 16 years, why do game developers feel it necessary that in order to show her evolution into the "tomb raider that we know and love" it has to involve rape?!! Oh I am sorry attempted rape...

According to
Every 2 minutes someone in the U.S. is raped
2 out of 3 assaults are committed by someone known by the victim
97% of rapists never spend a day in jail

These are staggering statistics that we do not need to be reminded of when paying $60 for a Video Game that we play specifically to get away from the horrors of life and let off some steam.

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    • Faith Connors OVER HERE, IRELAND
      • about 2 years ago

      I've been a fan of Lara Croft for many years. I think she's popular and tough enough without having to be raped.

    • Sarah Pratt MORWELL, AUSTRALIA
      • about 2 years ago

      What is the point of putting that scene in, when just serviving on that island alone will make her strong and definitely turn Lara into the tomb raider!!!!

    • b t VICTOR, NY
      • about 2 years ago


    • Emily Shirley BARCELONA, SPAIN
      • over 2 years ago

      I'm appalled that it was felt necessary to add this aspect to the Lara Croft storyline. A male character would be allowed to be strong and dynamic without such a plot line. Feeling it necessary to do this just shows the level of misogynism of the game's creators.

    • Samie Cordon DRAPER, UT
      • over 2 years ago

      Because a woman can be a strong person without having to go through something traumatic. It's just that simple.


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