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Cranford Residents: Support a Complete Streets Policy
  • Petitioned Cranford Township Committee

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Cranford Township Committee

Cranford Residents: Support a Complete Streets Policy

    1. rebecca  hoeffler
    2. Petition by

      rebecca hoeffler

      Cranford, NJ

Completing Cranford's Streets will involve community effort in order to support the necessary changes to accommodate pedestrians and bicyclists. Creating safe pathways to our schools will allow students to enjoy riding their bikes or walking to school in a safe environment. Alleviating the traffic congestion in the morning and afternoon by making sure the roads are safe for more than one mode of transportation will increase the quality of life for our town's residents. Studies show that students who exercise in the morning tend to be more focused once they are in the classroom. Designated pathways leading to our downtown and various points of interest will stimulate economic activity as well as community unity. The chance to implement permeable surfaces to our town can be done through this program and will help mitigate the damaging effects of flooding.

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    1. Involvement Grows!

      rebecca  hoeffler
      Petition Organizer
      Cranford Residents Asked To Sign Petition To Make Streets Safer

      Nearly 100 residents have signed a petition urging the Township Committee to adopt a policy that would create a "Complete Streets" policy in the municipality. The petition is the brainchild of Cranford resident Rebecca Hoeffler, who wants officials to adopt a plan that will keep children and adults safe on township roadways.

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      rebecca  hoeffler
      Petition Organizer
      Many benefits for N.J. students participating in Walk to School week

      The finding that students who walk to school may get better grades doesn't surprise HART executive director Tara Shepherd. Before she heard about the study, a Lebanon School student had already shared the same conclusion with her. Shepherd was accompanying a group in a "walking school bus" and asked the boy his opinion of the trend.

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    Reasons for signing

    • Jacklyn Milonas CRANFORD, NJ
      • about 1 year ago

      I want everyone to be safe!

    • William Green CRANFORD, NJ
      • over 1 year ago

      Although I am 57 years old, I bike a lot in Spring/Summer/Fall. It is a great way to get around the congestion of crowded streets and parking lots. If more people biked as I do, it would help a bit to alleviate congestion and wear and tear on the roads. Although it seems to be difficult imagining a measurable change from where we are now, if you look at other communities that have embraced the bicycle, the possibilities become obvious.

    • vic bary CRANFORD, NJ
      • about 2 years ago

      It's a quality of life issue. A walk around our town will demonstrate that the automobile rules, and drivers believe they own the road, crosswalks, and sidewalks where the sidewalk is also a driveway entrance.

    • linda vultaggio CRANFORD, NJ
      • about 2 years ago


    • Debra Kush CRANFORD, NJ
      • about 2 years ago

      Beautify and modernize with key goal safety. I also have a concern about the many potholes on Cranford Streets. Streets in Rahway and towns with smaller tax burdens have better maintained roads.


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