Craig, of Craigslist: Please Don't Shut Down PadMapper!
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Craig, of Craigslist: Please Don't Shut Down PadMapper!

    1. Jonathan Schoonhoven
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      Jonathan Schoonhoven

      San Francisco, CA

November 2013


PadMapper is coming back!

PadMapper is a service that allows apartment hunters to view Craigslist postings pinned on a Google map. They offer this service for free and without serving ads: just like Craigslist.

And yet, without warning or explanation, last Friday PadMapper received a Cease and Desist notice from Craigslist: effectively shutting down a selfless service that is used and loved by thousands of people.

PadMapper and Craigslist are a match made in heaven, but their lover's quarrel threatens to ruin a perfect marriage. Please stand with me in reuniting them once and for all.

Craig of Craigslist, Please don't shut down PadMapper!

Here is a link to the official notice from PadMapper. 


Petitions aren't your style? Email Craigslist directly: - Jim Buckmaster, CEO - Craig Newmark, Founder

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    1. PadMapper Returns!

      Jonathan Schoonhoven
      Analytics Engineer

      Well, Craigslist may not have changed their minds, but I'm calling this a victory anyway.
      Thanks for the support!

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    • Matthew Johnson SAN FRANCISCO, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      Because how can craigslist think padmapper is a bad idea or that it impacts it in a negative way? Craigslist should buy padmapper so that it is actually useful when looking for an apartment.

    • Patrick Kennel SAN FRANCISCO, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      PadMapper enhances (not violates) Craiglist's mission.

      • over 2 years ago

      Craigslist is great, but house hunting without maps suck!

    • Maia Butler AUSTIN, TX
      • over 2 years ago

      I would like to share my frustration and growing outrage over your profoundly anti-consumer, classist decision to cripple the site by issuing a cease and desist, disallowing it from using Craigslist’s housing listings. Until last Friday, Padmapper created neatly ordered, mapped sanity of the dog-piled shambles of housing information, realtor propaganda and spam that serves as the housing section of your website. As a direct result of your regrettable decision, I am currently in a house-hunting hell I haven't known in years- the years since Padmapper began, to be exact. I am not the only one.

      Your decision is not simply a blow against freedom of information or a slap in the faces of the consumers who have, until now, relied upon and supported your website: This misstep has a disproportionately negative impact on the most impoverished members of society- the people who work the longest hours for the least pay and simply cannot afford to pay a realtor to spearhead a housing search on their behalf. The people who have the least time to spend with their families have found Padmapper to be a godsend in cutting their housing search time into a fraction of what it had become with Craigslist alone. Those people are now suffering as a result of your intolerance.

      There is no way to see on Craigslist, at a glance, whether or not there is housing available in your price range within a geographical area. What’s more, there is no way to sufficiently filter search results- each listing requires either an extensive knowledge of the area being searched (very bad news for those moving to new cities) or a needlessly time-consuming and necessarily painstaking multi-page, multi-click cut-and-paste of listed addresses or intersections into a Google map or the like. When your Craigslist search turns up hundreds of results, that translates to hours upon hours of clicking, cutting, pasting, mapping and dead ends. Furthermore, it would be incorrect to assume that any of those hundreds of results even meets the needs of the searcher since oftentimes housing listings on Craigslist are padded with desirable keywords (amenities, neighborhoods, etc.) that may not accurately represent the listing and are merely a lure.

      With Padmapper I was able to instantly see whether or not a given property listing met my needs, and I frequently found that there were zero listings that did and could then suspend my search until later or have Padmapper email me when appropriate housing became available. With Craigslist alone I have no idea whether or not there might be a hidden gem and I am compelled to continue searching, which is simply a disheartening waste of my valuable time. Understand also, that as a direct result of Craigslist’s increased popularity over the years, it is no longer possible to simply open up a local newspaper to the classifieds and peruse the local housing listings. You might say Craigslist has a monopoly on classified advertisement. The actions of Craigslist in undermining Padmapper result in a direct assault on the well-being of the urban poor and constitute a significant act of class discrimination. Expect to hear from the ACLU regarding this matter if you have not already.

      Padmapper directs traffic to your website, does not harm Craigslist in any way and makes a huge positive impact in the lives of the urban poor, saving them countless hours of fruitless online searching. Padmapper’s continued ability to crawl Craigslist and categorize the housing listings therein only adds value to Craigslist. Please immediately reverse your decision. Allow Padmapper to continue to serve as a sanity-saving interface for the users of Craigslist’s housing section as before. Thank you.

    • Scott Bram LAKEWOOD, CO
      • over 2 years ago

      PadMapper is invaluable for finding housing in an unfamiliar city.


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