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    1. Jessica hamilton
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      Jessica hamilton

      jamestown, NY

When my oldest son troy was born everything was fine until he turned 2 months old someone called CPS on my mom and they turned it around on me and i lost my baby and then i had my middle son Caden and when he was 3 months old someone called Cps on me for the same exact thing they didn't tell me exactly what the accussations were they just took my baby from me again.They told me i would get them back but they lied to me. Cps turned around and gave custody to my grandma and my mom. Now my youngest son was born and when he was 9 months old someone called cps on me again and they took him away from me for a month on an accusation they didn't even have a report about and then gave him back and in December my case was finally closed. Now someone called cps on me again for some bull crap reason the cps worker came in and seen the report wasnt true and is going to drag it on.

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    • Andrea Castellano BUENA PARK, CA
      • 9 months ago

      my godson was taken from his grandmother by cps. i haven't seen him in over a year.

      • over 1 year ago

      Corrupt Social services tear families apart and DESTROY LIVES!

    • Lisa M SA, TX
      • about 2 years ago

      That is what CPS does, they are terrorists!! I hope everything works out for you and I am sorry you have to deal whit those people. Please help me too and sign my petition http://www.change.org/petitions/texas-department-of-family-and-protective-services-dfps-dismiss-investigator-amanda-brothers-2

    • Theresa Emery PORTLAND, OR
      • about 2 years ago

      My family has been subjected to this tyranny and abuse of power and our OUTRAGEOUS story is a prime example of why we must unite and overthrow this government entity! The following link will direct you to our petition where you can learn how asking for help when fleeing a short term abusive relationship caused my children to be removed and my youngest to be exiled from the country - and ABANDONED with her father - who has a history of alcoholism and domestic violence (the last police report accused him of assaulting a 16 year old pregnant girl and resulted in his deportation).

      My attempts to protest the unconstitutional removal and continued case caused me to lose everything. I was a victim of a crime - domestic violence - and the creed of those working in the industry blamed ME, the VICTIM of this crime and placed my children with their two different fathers, both of whom have a history of being abusive and concerning criminal records. I was ordered by the court to attend a "victims support group" in an effort to help me better choose a mate and the fathers were not asked to attend any service for their conduct. I only get to see my 11 year old once a year and I haven't heard from my 8 year old in a year and a half!

      Please return the support by signing my petition!

      Kind regards,



    • jerry stewart SARANAC LAKE, NY
      • over 2 years ago

      Accusations is what they use and not facts. Caseworkers do not do their jobs, they lie and are never held accountable for their abusive perjury actions. Good luck to you, I support this petition. Get ahold of OCFS-I did and got a new caseworker. I am in NY also. Let's go above it and make sure OCFS forces DSS Commissioners hold these caseworkers accountable!! Here is that petition. http://www.change.org/petitions/office-of-children-and-family-services-hold-social-services-accountable-for-their-abusive-perjury-actions


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