Vote NO to an unfunded 7.5 hour school day for K-12.
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Vote NO to an unfunded 7.5 hour school day for K-12.

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      Chicago, IL

Chicago Public School System is planning an unfunded 7.5 hour school day and a long school year for all CPS students beginning August 2012-13.

As Illinois State Rep. Monique Davis said, "A 7.5 hour school day is a working man's day."  Children need to be children.

We believe students thrive with a 6.5 hour instructional day, and after school programs help parents who need childcare. We do not support a mandatory 7.5 hour day of instruction; it's the longest in the U.S. by far! The average school day in Illinois is 6.5 hours. 

It is important to note that CPS has said it will provide no new funding for any new programming.

As Diane Ravitch, Professor of Education at New York University, said, "All of this is nuts. There is no evidence that longer school days produce better education, unless children are engaged in wonderful after school activities that give them a chance to sing, dance, inquire, play, and just be children."

Across the city, parents are coming together to voice their opinion against the longer day.

We are very concerned that our children will spend the extra 105 minutes sitting at computers, drilling themselves in math and reading. We are worried that teachers will be laid off and replaced with classroom monitors, who will supervise the children at these computers. Class sizes will skyrocket.

Sign this petition today to support your school. 
We invite you to take action.

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    • Cheryl Mizyed CHICAGO, IL
      • over 2 years ago

      Too long of a day for children, plus the teachers need time to prepare for the next lesson planner

    • dorina liebhaber CHICAGO, IL
      • over 2 years ago

      The extended school day is a purely political move on the part of the mayor. I do not want my children, or anyone else's children, to be pawns in Rahm Emanuel's political games. He is a pro-privatization, pro-corporation, divide-and-conquer politician bent on destroying what is left of public education in Chicago. Everything he has done thus far shows his utter disregard for the children of Chicago, for teachers, for quality education, and for the overwhelming body of scientific research that shows how locking children inside a school, without adequate enrichment programs, is extremely detrimental to the students involved, to teachers, families, and communities.

    • william bulvan CHICAGO, IL
      • over 2 years ago

      My sons 1st class is at : 7:45

      His last class is at 2:43


      school 7 hrs.

      travel 1.5 hrs

      homework 4 to 6 hrs


      13 hrs total

      3 hours left to eat dinner ,and shower leaving 1 hour of down time !

      A longer school day is insane!

    • Marilyn Cavicchia CHICAGO, IL
      • over 2 years ago

      My daughter loves her 6.5-hour CPS school, in part because she has adequate time for rest, play, and self-guided learning after school. Adding an hour at school will take the hour away from all of that. I fear she will burn out and shut down. 7.5 is being imposed based on no pedagocical research -- just the mistaken belief that more is better -- and in the face of much evidence to the contrary. I'm angry, and I'm already looking for the exit -- which is pretty sad, because we believe in public schools and anticipated our daughter having a great CPS experience.

    • Juliet Huang CHICAGO, IL
      • over 2 years ago

      Some CPS schools (such as Lenart) do not provide for daily recess or physical education. Extending the day to 7.5 will likely result in teachers having to deal with increased behavioral problems. If the Mayor's kids flourish with a shorter day at Lab School, why the double standard for CPS kids?!


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