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Count the Foals

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      YEA! - Youths' Equine Alliance

Hi, I am Robin Warren, also known as "Wild Mustang Robin" because of my work for wild horses. Recently I and YEA member Gabby Beck traveled a long distance to a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) holding facility to observe conditions. What we found was shocking. We cannot say for sure what type of animal remains were found in the dumpster outside of the gate but our first thought was “What if it is a foal?”

The BLM has responded to the graphic video above with a statement saying that what we found was remains from an elk. But the if it had been an aborted foal or one that had died, there would be no way for us to know because records on foal deaths do not exist.

My friend, photographer Cat Kindsfather, insisted that “count the foals” be taken note of by the BLM at the meeting they held in response to all the outcries for shelter this summer. They wrote it down but did they listen?

While the BLM pretended that they wanted to hear from the public, they refused to accept a stack of over 17,000 signatures from our supporters into their hands. They snubbed the signatures at the meeting my friend attended, motioning for presenter Jetara Sehart to place them on a table instead. They did the same thing to me at the last BLM Advisory Board meeting, where they refused to allow a stack of a quarter million signatures within 20 feet of them but said I could leave them on the back table. I traveled 2500 miles and they turned me away in the final 20 feet.

I didn't collect your signatures for them to be ignored! We came together to be heard. Since the meeting, the BLM has not made any policy changes addressing the public’s desire for lives of foals to be counted either!

Join us in asking the BLM to count foals injured or killed in roundups and foals held in captivity.

We will not stop until they listen and we hope you won't either!

"Wild Mustang Robin" 
Student Robin Warren 
7th grader

PS I wrote more than a week in advance to let them know we were coming on that day. They told me they couldn't give me a tour. The dumpster was outside the locked gate.

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    • marylen kincer 49316, MI
      • 4 months ago

      BLM and the government needs to be held accountable for all horses and foals that have and continue to be abused !!

    • Judy fortin COLUMBUS, OH
      • 6 months ago

      All animals deserve to be treated humanly and with dignity. We have no right to keep them for our pleasure and torture them because people are cruel and uncaring. How sad that the people that work in these facilities don’t give a damn about how an animal is treated. Look into their eyes, and you’ll see that they are alive and know what is happening to them.

    • Debbie Little WATERLOO, CANADA
      • 6 months ago

      It is important to document foals born to wild horses, it will gather information on how many are aborted or killed during round ups and then the environmental impact on the wild horses can also be documented. If we don't look after this now then there will be no wild horses left. We need to know what people are finding in dumpsters. Farmers keep records of calves that die so why are horses so different?

    • Loretta Cox SHERMAN, CT
      • 6 months ago

      Living with Wildlife is about coexisting with animals found in places where human and wildlife cross paths. Learn a lesson from the Great State of Alaska who protect All the Species of Wildlife that live there. Ms. Guiilfoyle, in your Internal Memo you strongly suggest sterilization of wild horses and euthanizing any horses deemed "near death" by government agents. Ms. Guilfoyle, you have presented no viable population numbers yet, you can maintain a straight face while telling the American People that "There Will Always Be Wild Horses". Did you see that in your magic ball? Thank you Robin Warren & Gabby Beck for understanding all God's creations need protection. Out of the mouths of babes oft times come gems. To the Greedy-Karma is Knocking at Your Door.

    • Teresa Toledo-Larios SMARTSVILLE, CA
      • 6 months ago

      From the begining of time, our country used these beautiful, amazing, strong, loyal animals to help each and everyone of us in so many ways, from transportation, carrying loads, helping tend to fields for food, deliver mail to our soldiers, loved ones and families afar. If not for these beautiful animals, how would we have become successful? They deserve, and we owe them safety, protection and unconditional love.


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