Create clear restaurant inspection ratings & improve access to ratings.
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Create clear restaurant inspection ratings & improve access to ratings.

    1. Sarah Schacht
    2. Petition by

      Sarah Schacht

      Seattle, WA

April 2014


Sarah Schacht: Hi Everyone!

A quick note of thanks. You signed the petition to King County Public Health (KCPH), encouraging the agency to create publicly posted restaurant inspection scores, improve their website, and add their scores to sites like Yelp. Because of you, Public Health announced that they will implement publicly posted restaurant inspection scores (see the news in the link below). They will also improve their outdated website, and create a restaurant score app.

KCPH is currently studying the best formats to implement the restaurant score postings and the timeline for implementation, and have invited me to be on the review committee for the project. I suspect that we'll see restaurant score signs in the next year or so, and probably testing of the scoring system within the year.

What I'm still working on with King County leaders and Public Health is getting our restaurant inspection scores in Yelp (like Wake County, NC just did--see the link below) and making sure the proposed scoring system has been run through usability testing before it launches. That way, we'll know how well the scores work for residents and restaurants before they launch.

Thanks again for all your support! Over 2,000 of you signed the petition, breaking the goal I set. I'm so honored that all of you supported this effort; we're going to save a LOT of people from getting food poisioning.

Interested in staying in touch? You can find me on Twitter at


Sarah Schacht

King County Restaurant Scoring News: Wake County Restaurant Scores & Yelp News:

See this video from King 5 News on how we could make eating out safer in King County.

Each year, 1 in 5 Americans gets food poisoning. This completely preventable illness results from poor food handling. Restaurants are a major source of food poisoning, yet King County's antiquated restaurant inspection ratings website makes it difficult for county residents to easily search and understand if a restaurant has had good or bad inspection ratings. Essentially, these ratings show the progress of a restaurant to maintain high levels of cleanliness and well trained (for food safety) staff.

King County could reduce reported food poisoning hospitalization rates by at least 14% (which is a lot, since most food poisoning cases go unreported or don't make it to the hospital) by creating a "A, B, C..." ratings system, with "A" being highest, and "F" being grounds for closure. These ratings should be posted publicly near the entrance of all restaurants, bars, cafes, and eateries. In addition, these ratings should be made available through open data, allowing websites like Yelp to post restaurant inspection ratings in their websites and apps. So, when you quickly look for a restaurant in your area, you can see how safe it is along with their menu and customer reviews.

Currently, King County Public Health (the agency that manages restaurant inspection ratings) has a website that hasn't been upgraded since the early 2000's, and a convoluted inspection ratings system that confuses consumers. None of these ratings are posted at restaurants. As a result, restaurants that don't adhere to safety standards keep serving food to unknowing customers, and restaurants who are safe and clean don't get rewarded for their work with an "A" rating. Consumers should be able to use transparent, readily available restaurant ratings to drive their purchases, rewarding safer restaurants with more business.

King County Public Health has refused to improve their current website or ratings system, creating small patches that don't meet citizen's needs. In the meantime, more people unknowingly eat at unsafe restaurants and fall ill.

We can prevent food poisoning in King County and set a higher standard for food safety. Sign the petition and tell King County Board of Health to make King County Public Health update its ratings systems and create more transparency in ratings.


(Photo above by woodleywonderworks on Flickr.)

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    2. Kiro 7 Airs Update on Restaurant Scoring

      Sarah Schacht
      Petition Organizer
      Local woman on mission for restaurant grading system

      By Jeff Dubois It felt like someone was stabbing her gut; a pain that ripped through her stomach. E coli bacteria had infected her body after eating at an Ethiopian restaurant in Seattle's Central District. "I had internal bleeding and stomach cramps that were debilitating," said Sarah Schaht, a longtime Seattle resident.

    3. Decision-maker Councilmember Joe McDermott responds:

      Councilmember Joe McDermott

      Thank you for your interest in Public Health’s restaurant and food programs.

      I agree that our Food Program’s rating system should be more understandable and accessible to King County residents. You’ll be happy to know that work to upda...

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    Reasons for signing

    • Claire Toycen SEATTLE, WA
      • 7 months ago

      Food safety & consumer knowledge is of great importance

    • Lawrence Leung SEATTLE, WA
      • 8 months ago

      Food poisoning is a major health problem

    • Candice Jackson BOTHELL, WA
      • 8 months ago

      For the safety of me and my family

    • Zelda Komula EAU CLAIRE, WI
      • 8 months ago

      Because I want to eat at clean establishments, and I don't want to have to go to when I want that information. Plus this helps tourists. When I have visited LA, the letter grading system gave me confidence to check out some great "dive" or ethnic restaurants.

    • Loren Wytcherley COVINGTON, WA
      • 8 months ago

      As an aid to help businesses improve the quality of their product and to help insure the safety of the public


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