Protect Julian Assange's human rights and stop the extradition.
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Protect Julian Assange's human rights and stop the extradition.

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Protect Julian Assange's human rights and stop the extradition. 

  As of today, 14 June 2012, the UK Supreme Court has rejected Julian Assange's application to re-appeal. 

  Spending over 500 days in house arrest, he appeal to the High Courts and the UK Supreme Court, after 3 months of debating the validity of the European Arrest Warrant and whether or not the Swedish prosecutor was a judicial authority, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Sweden, dismissing Assange's appeal.  

But his QC Dinah Rose, ask for reopening of the case because of the raised a point which was able to delay his extradition and potentially reopen the case as a whole. Since the decision was based on interpretation of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties - something not brought up during the February proceedings - Ms Rose argued that the defence hadn't the chance to properly contest the point.   

With the application rejected, he now faces extradition in 14 days, his final appeal is to the European Court of Human Rights.   

The issue is not only the abuse of the European Arrest Warrant, issuing for sake of questioning and not for prosecution, but also the fact that his human rights are risk, due not being charged and possibly being face with extradition to the US, where he may face the death penalty, keep in mind that he has not been charged in Sweden or the US or any country.    We need to persuade our leaders to learn about Julian Assange, support him, and protect his human rights. 

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    1. Podemos offers to help Julian Assange

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      Podemos offers to help Julian Assange

      Podemos, Spain's new left-wing party, has offered its "political resources" to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Representatives of the grassroots party, which enjoyed surprise success at this year's European elections, met Assange last Saturday at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where he has been living since 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden and possibly to the United States.

    2. Reached 1,000 signatures
    3. Fugitive WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange suffering heart problem

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      Fugitive WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange suffering heart problem

      Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange taking part in a live video conference in Mexico City earlier this month. Photo: Ronaldo Schemidt London: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has a serious heart condition but risks arrest if he leaves the Ecuadorian embassy in London to seek hospital treatment.

    4. Courage letter delivered to Russian embassy in Washington

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      Twitter / couragefound: Courage letter delivered this ...

      Courage letter delivered this am to the Ru embassy in Washington asking to grant #Snowden asylum. Updates shortly: ...

    5. Swedish court upholds warrant

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      In November 2010 a detention order was issued for the arrest of JA in his absence.The order has not been executed. Stockholm City District Court has tried JAs request that the detention order should be revoked.

      The Court has decided that there is still probable cause concerning the suspicions directed towards JA (unlawful coercion, sexual molestation and rape, less serious incident) and that there is still a risk that he will fail to appear or in some other way avoid participation in the investigation and the following proceedings.

      When the Court has weighed the imposement in JAs rights and the importance of the detention order the Court has decided that there are still reasons for the order to remain in force to attempt to ensure that the legal proceedings will be concluded.

      - The imposement in JAs rights that was done in Great Britain is not of such kind that it is not proportional to keep the order in force. Neither does the prosecutors handling of the case nor the fact that Julian Assange has been granted a political asylum and is presently residing in an embassy lead to the conclusion that the order should be revoked, says the presiding judge.

      - See more at:

    6. LIVE:Detention Lift Hearings for Assange

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      LIVE: Detention Lift Hearings For Assange, Stockholm District Court - Falkvinge on Infopolicy

      At 13:00 today July 16, hearings are held in the Stockholm District Court whether to lift the almost-four-year-old detention in absentia for Julian Assange. This is live reporting from the court hearings, which will be followed by a press conference at the Police at 16:00. (This page updates automatically, no need to refresh.)

    7. Update 16th July.

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      Hello everyone, tomorrow is a big day, in which we may see Sweden drop its case against Assange. I amongst all of you hope it happens. 3 years is too long and the bills are hitting almost 7 million to surveil the Ecuadorean Embassy.
      Here’s what been happening over the last couple of weeks.
      On the 3rd of July, Julian turned 43rd, his 3rd birthday in the Embassy and talked to Amy Goodman in a 4 part interview on Democracy Now!:
      WikiLeaks associate Sarah Harrison has been doing conferences including an keynote for the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum:
      An interview on Democracy Now!:
      An press conference in Berlin:
      In the UK however, William Hague stepped down as Foreign Secretary in cabinet reshuffle, Philip Hammond will take his place.
      In the course of the Swedish case, Democracy Now! Amy Goodman confronted Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Blidt, here the responses:
      AMY GOODMAN: Could I ask you—we’re looking at the case of Julian Assange, and 59 legal and human rights groups have made a submission to the U.N. Human Rights Council challenging the pre-charge detention, which makes it a foreign policy issue. As foreign minister, what are your thoughts on this?
      FOREIGN MINISTER CARL BILDT: None, because it’s a question for the legal authorities and not a question for me.

      AMY GOODMAN: But because it’s in the U.N. Human Rights commission—
      FOREIGN MINISTER CARL BILDT: Well, that doesn’t make—
      AMY GOODMAN: —the Council.
      FOREIGN MINISTER CARL BILDT: That doesn’t make any difference whatever, because it’s still a legal issue within the legal system. And as you have in the U.S., I guess, you have the separation between the executive and judicial branch. And the executive—that’s sort of the nature of democracy or constitutional democracy. If you’re a representative of the executive branch, you have no say—and shouldn’t have any say—in what the judicial branch is doing. And that applies here, as well.
      AMY GOODMAN: Will it weigh into the Universal Periodic Review that Sweden is up for now before the U.N. Human Rights Council?
      FOREIGN MINISTER CARL BILDT: I haven’t a clue. I would doubt that very, very much, I have to say.
      AMY GOODMAN: Could I ask why they—Sweden doesn’t just question him at the Ecuadorean Embassy in London, where he is?
      FOREIGN MINISTER CARL BILDT: You would have to ask the legal and judicial system on that, of course.
      AMY GOODMAN: Then, last question is: Is this an issue that’s being raised to you more and more as you travel as foreign minister?
      FOREIGN MINISTER CARL BILDT: No, I think I haven’t heard it for a long time. I think you are the first one to bring it up with me for probably a year or something like that.
      AMY GOODMAN: Are you concerned about it? Is it a concern in Sweden, considering he’s been dealing with this for four years?
      FOREIGN MINISTER CARL BILDT: Go around here and judge yourself. I think the answer is, was no.
      Today is 3rd of July, which is Julian Assange’s birthday. Happy Birthday to the editor of WikiLeaks. As he spends his 43rd b-day in the Embassy, here’s what’s been happening.
      We shall see tomorrow. Pray and hope, send thoughts.

      Exclusive: DN! Goes Inside Assange's Embassy Refuge to Talk WikiLeaks, Snowden and Winning Freedom

      In a Democracy Now! special, we go inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London to interview Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. He has been holed up there for more than two years, having received political asylum. He faces investigations in both Sweden and the United States.

    8. Swedish court sets hearing date

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      ​Happy birthday, Assange! Swedish court sets hearing date as whistleblower turns 43

      A Swedish court has set the date for the Assange "rape case" hearing for July 16. The announcement comes as Twitter is bombarded with happy birthday wishes to the WikiLeaks founder, who turned 43 on Thursday, his second year at the Ecuadorean embassy.

    9. Auspol communicated with Assange on Tuesday.

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      Retweeted Greg Barns (@BarnsGreg):
      ‪#‎auspol‬ communicated with ‪#‎Assange‬ on Tuesday evening. Remarkable strength. Shamefully Canberra not putting pressure on Sweden to back off

    10. The cost of security at the Ecuadorean Embassy

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      UK government physical encirclement of #Assange has now cost £6,350,099.96 #indyref

      UK Gov't Waste Explored

      Why should this continue to be the UK's problem? Sweden won't come to London to question Assange, and Ecuador has given Assange the right to stay in their embassy indefinitely. This is a stalemate, and the UK taxpayer is paying the price.

    11. New developments in the Assange case.

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      WikiLeaks just announced the latest development on their twitter account: #Assange lawyers statement: On Tuesday, 24 June 2014 at 13:00 we will make a filing to Stockholm District Court (case Nr. B 12885-10) (1/3)

      (2/3) in which we, due to new information request the court to remove the detention decision against Julian #Assange.

      (3/3) Stockholm 18 June 2014; Per E Samuelson & Thomas Olsson [lawyers for #Assange]. Background info:

      Justice for Assange

      Eva Joly interviewed on Assange on Sweden s TV4 (English subs) from swefowl1234 on Vimeo. Click on 'CC' button and select 'English' for subtitles in English. ASSANGE FAQ: 2 YEARS IN THE EMBASSY When did Assange enter the embassy? He entered the embassy on June 19, 2012 and applied for political asylum, which was formally granted two months later.

    12. Assange warns of Orwellian future during PDForum

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      USA: Julian Assange warns of Orwellian future during Personal Democracy Forum

      Video ID: 20140605-046 M/S Felicity Ruby, ThoughtWorks Director of Global Internet Policy SOT Julian Assange, WikiLeaks founder (English): "We will see a situation that... has had for more than a decade... which is everyone has a number, everyone's DNA is taken at birth, their DNA is encoded onto their identity documents or connected to it, to their tax records, to their credit report."

    13. Assange may stay in Ecuador embassy 'forever'

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      ​'Not our problem': Assange may stay in Ecuador embassy forever while £6 mln policing bill keeps growing

      Julian Assange, hiding inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London for almost two years, may remain there indefinitely, the Ecuadorean ambassador said, adding "it's a pity" that UK citizens have to cover the growing policing bill.

    14. French MEP, Eva Joly says prosecutor should go to London and do her job.

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      On Servige Radio today, French MEP, Eva Joly:There is a huge ignorance about how important the work of #Snowden & #Assange has been"

    15. For the UK: Worldwide March against Government Corruption, March 1st!

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      Starting at 1pm in Trafalgar Square and moving on to the Ecuadorian embassy to rally in support of Julian Assange and Edward Snowden and eventually heading to Parliament Square for a 5pm rally. Please feel free to bring gifts for the homeless and make any banners and leaflets that you believe will help promote our cause. Can any trouble makers please leave your trouble at home or don't bother attending. We look forward to seeing you there.

      ✯✯✯ Timetable for the day ✯✯✯

      ✒ ::1PM:: Meet at Trafalgar Square

      ✒ ::2PM:: March to the Ecuadorian Embassy

      ✒ ::3PM:: Rally in support of Assange and Snowden

      ✒ ::4PM:: March to Parliament Square

      ✒ ::5PM:: Rally in Parliament Square


      Address: Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 5 London, United Kingdom

    16. Julian Assange on Being Placed on NSA "Manhunting" List & Secret Targeting

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      Top-secret documents leaked by Edward Snowden have revealed new details about how the United States and Britain targeted the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks after it published leaked documents about the U.S.-led war in Afghanistan. According to a new article by The Intercept, Britain’s top spy agency, the Government Communications Headquarters, or GCHQ, secretly monitored visitors to a WikiLeaks website by collecting their IP addresses in real time, as well as the search terms used to reach the site. One document from 2010 shows that the National Security Agency added WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange to a "manhunting" target list, together with suspected members of al-Qaeda.

    17. US Attorney General to visit Sweden tomorrow.

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      Eric Holder of the US Department of Justice will be visiting Sweden tomorrow giving an lecture at the Swedish Parliament: “A More Just and Inclusive World: Confronting the Civil Rights Challenges of Our Time”, according to Prof. Marcello Ferrada de Noli of Professors Blog.

      This is the second time that the US Attorney General will be visiting Sweden, his first was back in February of 2012.

      The timing is interesting due to the fact that Swedish lawyers and politicians are debating Assange's case, wanting it to be solved correctly and closed after 3 years.

    18. NEW EVENT:Protect Our Privacy - Sydney 1PM July 6 Pitt St Mall

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      Full details at:

      Over the last few weeks the scandals and revelations have kept coming, as the scale of the United States' secret surveillance apparatus, such as NSA PRISM, is slowly being revealed to the world. What we see now is a dragnet spying operation targeting everyone: you, your family, your friends, community groups, religious organisations, activists and political parties from all over the world.

      Privacy is still a fundamental human right in the information age. It protects our dignity from those who would wish us harm and prevents the state from intruding into our lives. Privacy gives us the freedom to live our lives the way we want to and we need to defend it!

      Actions are being planned on July 6 all around Australia. Get involved!

      Protect Our Privacy - National Day of Action - 6 July, 2013

      Over the last few weeks the scandals and revelations have kept coming, as the scale of the United States' secret surveillance apparatus, such as NSA PRISM, is slowly being revealed to the world. What we see now is a dragnet spying operation targeting everyone: you, your family, your friends, community groups, religious organisations, activists and political parties from all over the world.


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      ▪ Julian Assange will address assembled supporters and media on Saturday 2pm, 22 June--which also marks the end of UN refugee week.

    20. RECAP: Day One of Bradley Manning's trial

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      Bradley Manning's trial began today and is expected to last 12 weeks.

      The defense's opening argument described PFC Manning as having "good intentions", albeit "naïve". It focused on his value for human life, as well as his selection of information to leak being based on what he believed the public needed to know.
      The Government's opening argument stated that PFC Manning "literally dumped" information on the internet "into the hands of the enemy". They stated that his choices of information to leak was "indiscriminate", and that PFC Manning knew the risks of leaking to WikiLeaks based on intelligence reports he had read.

      Government prosecutors are attempting to link PFC Manning with Julian Assange, saying that PFC Manning was "helping" WikiLeaks, rather than acting on his own. The defense argued that there is no evidence to back up this claim, and that PFC Manning was acting on his own moral grounds.
      Government prosecutors are arguing that PFC Manning "craved notoriety".

    21. ASK Julian Assange a question on the Stream This Thursday

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      What would you ask Julian Assange? He joins The Stream on Thursday, and we're looking for Google+ hangout participants. Post your question below and you may be selected to participate live on air. #Wikileaks #Assange #JulianAssange

    22. Get Your Tickets for Julian Assange's Keynote Address ON SALE NOW!

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      Resistance is Futile
      The 19th International Symposium on Electronic Art
      Sydney, Australia. 7-16 June 2013
      Julian Assange will present a Special Keynote speech at the 19th International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA2013), presented by the Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT) at the University of Sydney on Thursday 13 June 2013 at 5.30pm.
      The Wikileaks founder will address conference delegates and a small public audience via live video link from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.
      Julian Assange has a unique insight into the futility, or otherwise, of resisting the incursion of the digital into every aspect of our lives.
      A limited number of general public tickets will go on sale May 20th 2013


      For more info.

    23. Phil Donahue supports Wikileaks: MUST LISTEN.

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      Journalist Phil Donahue on Wikileaks by Petite Pointer

      MUST LISTEN: On Wednesday April 25, 2013, I sat down with legendary journalist Phil Donahue, to ask his thoughts on Wikileaks, Julian Assange and the future of alternative journalism.

    24. If Your'e in London, Assange to be at Modern War Exposed

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      Petition Organizer

      An afternoon of talks and short films exposing the true nature of modern warfare with an emphasis on Drones and Special Forces.

      Julian Assange, Editor of Wikileaks.
      Ian Cobain, Guardian Journalist.
      Chris Cole, Editor of Drone Wars UK.
      Michael Lyons, former Royal Navy Medic and Afghan war resister.
      Adnan Sarwar, former Royal Engineer, Iraq War veteran and writer.
      Ben Griffin, former SAS soldier and Iraq war veteran/resister.

      This public event will be proceeded by a meeting of Veterans for Peace in the UK.
      Saturday 6 April 2013 1100-1300 hrs.
      George Fox Room,
      Friends House,
      Euston Road,
      NW1 2BJ.

      Info at:


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      • 2 months ago

      Important in the interests of our humanrights and justice.

    • Brian Donaldson AUSTRALIA
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      TPP RBA - Wikileaks is the only news we get here in Aus

    • Manojkumar M TAMILNADU, INDIA
      • 2 months ago

      He is a genius. He is a common man posting the things as his personal interest as we do in fb but he did it in large scale thats it. More than all, he is not even respected as a human, an intelligent guy, from him we can learn lot. Please save him. World gets one or two genius people here and there only, utilize those human super resources for purposes, lets make one world with great power.... No more partitions, World needs people like assange... Dont put him in pit..

    • marie-jose Gautrais VICTORIA, CANADA
      • 2 months ago

      freedom of the press

      Universal LAW

    • Marianne private VENEZIA, IRELAND
      • 2 months ago

      I believe he has been set up. I certainly do not trust UK, US or Sweden. These countries are involved in war crimes, rendition, torture, illegal wars.


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