COSTCO, Safeway & Loblaws: Please stop selling diseased farm salmon!
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COSTCO, Safeway & Loblaws: Please stop selling diseased farm salmon!

    1. Alexandra  Morton
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      Alexandra Morton

      Sointula, Canada

Is your dinner diseased? Tell supermarkets to stop selling diseased farm salmon.

Since last October I am doing the government's job - testing British Columbia farm salmon in supermarkets for viruses.

To date I have found 3 quite nasty European salmon viruses that government tells us are not here -  salmon flu virus, salmon Alpavirus and the salmon heart virus. 

These viruses are following the industrial Atlantic salmon farming industry wherever it operates around the world.  It is dangerous to wild salmon, the oceans and our health to allow viruses to mutate and escape into new environments and infect new species.

People deserve the right to make informed choices about their food.

The BC goverment plans to introduce a law that would make it illegal to publicly report viruses in farm fish and other farm animals.  We were sucessful in delaying BC Bill 37 Animal Health Act, but that could change as soon as the BC Parliament sits again this summer. My work will be silenced if that happens. So I am asking you to consider signing this petition now.

Supermarket chain Overwaitea has stopped selling netpen farm salmon, but Costco, Loblaws, and Safeway continue.

If government is going to ignore this, it is up to us:

1) Sign my petition asking these large grocery chains to refuse to sell salmon that have tested positive for disease.

2) Then ask everyone you know to sign on as well. 


Brief background

I have studied the impact of industrial salmon farms since 1995, publishing many papers, featured in the New York Times, Seattle Times and documentaries for this work.   It is clear that hundreds of thousands of farmed salmon crowded into pens in the ocean are breeding grounds for sea lice, bacteria and viruses.  Crowded feedlots do cause pathogens to become more lethal.

In the wild,  predators remove contagious fish as soon as they get sick and so wild salmon population stay healthy. In salmon farms, the sick fish keep shedding disease until they are dead.  This is extremely dangerous to the wild salmon and we have to learn not to allow disease to mutate in farm animals - we only need look at the recent swine and avian flu viruses.

In 2007 the European salmon flu (ISA virus) went 'viral’ in Chile, causing $2 billion in damages. We have strong scientific evidence to suggest that farm salmon viruses have led to the loss of millions, if not tens of millions, of wild salmon in British Columbia, Canada.

If you were buying infected salmon, you would want to know, right?  We have the power to protect wild salmon and ourselves from farm salmon viruses. 

There is much more on my blog:


Alexandra Morton


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    1. Reached 15,000 signatures
    2. CBC News Reports FIsh Farm hopes to sell infected salmon

      Alexandra  Morton
      Petition Organizer

      Much of the farm salmon raised in BC is being shipped to the US. Influenza viruses in farm animals is a big concern because flu viruses are known to mutate to infect new species and farms give these viruses a place to mutate at a much higher rate than in the wild where predators remove the sick right away.

    3. Salmon Alphavirus detected in BC for first time

      Alexandra  Morton
      Petition Organizer

      As a small group of us continue testing farm salmon raised in BC and sold in supermarkets we have found a third high-risk European virus - Salmon Alpha virus (causes Pancreas Disease in salmon). Government has not made any comment. This was in farmed steelhead from a facility that also rears imported Atlantic salmon. Did the virus come in the Atlantic salmon eggs? Is it spreading through the wild trout in the lake where these fish are being reared? Is it pouring out of the lake into the Salish Sea as the wild salmon swim by? We are continuing to test farmed salmon and steelhead and will keep you posted.

      Overwaitea has decided not to sell net pen-raised salmon. What about COSTCO, LOBLAW and SAFEWAY?

      THANK you for stepping up to protect wild salmon any us by signing this petition, the consumer voice might be the only one with real power.

    4. Reached 10,000 signatures
    5. The BC Minister of Agriculture is going to announce ammendments to his Bill

      Alexandra  Morton
      Petition Organizer

      This means only government workers will be muzzled. This is still wrong, any person who knows there are dangerous viruses in your food should be allowed to speak. Announcement to be made in the BC legislature this morning. The bill is set to pass by Thursday. It needs to be scrapped completely.

    6. Reached 5,000 signatures
    7. Another farm tests positive - fish will go to market

      Alexandra  Morton
      Petition Organizer

      While this information is public this week, next week the BC government is planning to pass a Bill that will make disclosure of disease information in animals a punishable offense. The best way to stop this, the best way to continue to have the right to know about the viruses in your food is to sign this. BC ships much of this farm salmon to the U.S.

    8. Reached 1,500 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Nick Henwood LOWER HUTT, NEW ZEALAND
      • almost 2 years ago

      Stop selling us diseased food... wtf

    • Bryanne Siggstedt SEATTLE, WA
      • almost 2 years ago

      As a life-long citizen of the Pacific Northwest, the ocean and ALL of its denizens are something which I feel deeply connected to & immensely grateful for. The salmon is a vitally significant member within the vast & complex eco-system. The very notion that it's acceptable to harbor these diseases within the fish population is horrifying enough, but the industries' attempts to callously subvert & conceal information that effects the environment as well as OUR HEALTH is utterly reprehensible. If I were an employee, board member, stockholder, or partner of a business leader that would seriously consider such action - it would inspire immediate movement of 'no-confidence'. But what I CAN do is try to stay informed (thank you Alexandra), stay active with this issue (thank you, pass this information on (thank you friends, loved ones, & strangers alike), withhold my funds from these companies (no thanks to you Steven, Craig, & Galen), and let my voice be heard : This is unacceptable! I have a right to information that directly affects my health & my environment. If you want my money, you have to EARN it. You have to TRY HARDER. Of course it's much easier & financially viable to sweep information under the rug ... but the easy answer is almost NEVER the right one. That's nothing against efficiency, or making complex & constrained business decisions ... but these companies and their heads & participants have a RESPONSIBILTY to us. We provide them with the funds that build & maintain their businesses. They provide us with necessary nourishment or with vile disease. They have the infrastructure, means, & opportunity to be a institution of influence, and environmental & humanitarian stewardship. I BEG these executives to encourage more prudent, judicious, and transparent decisions. You act as though you come from a place of LACK, and your only concern is bleeding a few more cents from any orifice to meet an arbitrary bottom line that only exists on paper, not in the physical world that we ALL (even you!) live in. You have the POWER to initiate positive processes, and by making healthier choices, you will inspire a healthier environment, a healthier company, a healthier community, and be even more affluent & prosperous. Support us, and we will support you, and then you can better support us, and we can better support you ... sounds almost like a healthy eco-system! Take note.Why is this important to you? (Optional)

    • Kim Blough NAMPA, ID
      • almost 2 years ago

      Continued sale of potentially diseased farm raised salmon is not consistent with the trust I place in Costco to provide my family with unquestioned quality in all things Costco sells.

      Trust in the Costco brand is above all else is why I shop at Costco.

      I will no longer purchase farm raised salmon. Period.

    • Alice Meyer RAYMORE, MO
      • almost 2 years ago

      sick of chemicals in our foods.

    • Elisa Rico TORONTO, CANADA
      • almost 2 years ago

      "Some people are so poor, all they have is money".


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