Cosponsor the Jobs Through Procurement Act (H.R. 6262)
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Cosponsor the Jobs Through Procurement Act (H.R. 6262)

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Do you want your tax dollars to subsidize sweatshops?

The Jobs Through Procurement Act (H.R. 6262), introduced by Congressman Phil Hare and Mike Michaud, seeks to tap the enormous purchasing power of the federal government to create manufacturing jobs in the United States and ensure decent working conditions for all workers who make products for the government.

The United States Government spends over $500 billion on goods and services annually, including about $4 billion on clothing and related materials. These tax dollars support millions of jobs both in the United States and overseas. But, those jobs often provide substandard wages and poor working conditions. Many are sweatshop jobs.

The Jobs Through Procurement Act will require contractors to adopt a standard for decent working conditions based on the International Labor Organization's Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and to certify the names and locations of the factories to be used in supplying the government.  Contracting officials and contractors that procure manufactured goods with government funds will be trained on domestic purchasing requirements, and domestic purchasing clauses will be inserted in all applicable contracts and subcontracts, including service contracts.

Ask your Representative to support this important legislation so that our tax dollars support decent work, not sweatshops.

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    1. Don't Let Your Tax Dollars Subsidize Sweatshops

      Do you want your tax dollars spent subsidizing sweatshops? My guess is that you would probably prefer to see your hard earned money going to support quality and fair jobs for workers in the U.S. and around the world. The Jobs Through Procurement Act...


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    • Carrie Garcia CASTLE ROCK, CO
      • about 3 years ago

      Keep jobs in the USA! Collective bargaining will ensure GOOD wages, benefits, and working conditions.


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