Please co-operate with the elected Community Group to Remove the Dead Trees & Restore the Towans at Porthtowan
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Please co-operate with the elected Community Group to Remove the Dead Trees & Restore the Towans at Porthtowan

    1. Anne Lenten
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      Anne Lenten

      Redruth, United Kingdom

Porthtowan is a Cornish village in a valley leading to a beautiful Blue Flag beach, popular with visitors and locals and supporting a small business community.

The age-old, natural low-lying flat 'towans', of sand covered with maritime grasses and plants, above the beach has been bulldozed away, leaving a bare sand heap forever blowing on the wind and into the village.

In January, in a futile attempt to refix the sand in place, the Council invited people from all over Cornwall to plant their dead Christmas trees into the sand heap, as a supposedly eco-friendly community day out. Apparently it was not only domestic discards, as some trees had retail labels from national DIY stores still attached.

Many of the trees blew away in the winter gales, littering the village roads and gardens. But sadly, a large number remain. Sharp splinters of wood and pine needles are scattered throughout the golden sand, creating a real hazard for bare feet. Windblown litter is tangling in the trees which also provide an ideal canine convenience.

The result as the Easter holidays begin, is that a once beautiful scene now resembles an Alice-in-Wonderland's nightmare battle defences and the view of the sea is hidden by an orange plantation of dead trees, some still with tinsel twinkling in the Spring sunshine.

Visitors are turning away disappointed and asking for directions to a prettier, more family-friendly beach. The local seaside business providers have tried to arrange a community event to tidy up the sand but were forced to cancel only the night before, when threatened with legal action unless it was cancelled.

Please sign our petition to Cornwall Council to restore our natural 'towans' that give the cove it's name, so that Porthtowan can once again can be proud of it's beauty and worthy of the Blue Flag.


cornwall council
George Eustice, Member of Parliament
Co-operate with the elected Community Group to Remove the Dead Trees & Restore the Towans at Porthtowan

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    1. The Light is Back!

      Anne Lenten
      Petition Organizer

      After 4 months of decaying trees marring the landscape, the Community Group finally got permission to remove the trees, even if only temporarily. Just in time for the Whitsun half-term, it took private contractors just a day to clear the unsightly debris from the sand.
      Although it seems that Cornwall Council have decided to replant a lesser number of the same trees in the same way, at least for the moment, the sun can reflect back off the white sand, lighting up the cove and lifting everyone's spirits.
      In case the Council need to be held to account for the results of the revised plan, still more signatures are needed, please. 1000 signatures will get the Group a meeting with the responsible Council department. Many thanks for your collective demonstration of Public Opinion which can help move mountains... (or sand heaps)


    2. An Effective Beginning.

      Anne Lenten
      Petition Organizer

      Many thanks for all of your signatures and great comments so far. You are having an effect already, in bringing about initial discussions at Porthtowan. However, it seems that the second half of the petition Request is being strongly resisted. Until the Dead Trees have been removed and purposeful Restoration of the Towans undertaken, then this Petition will continue to seek a democratic resolution by the elected members of the full Cornwall Council.

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    Reasons for signing

    • Natalie Beare LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 6 days ago

      I'm from Hayle and Porthtowan is one of our most beautiful beaches.

    • Kirstin Beatty HOLYOKE, MA
      • 4 months ago

      There seems like more sensible ways to help the sand. Normally, it is preferred not to build near sand dunes or even walk on some dunes, to allow natural grasses to grow and allow sand to be put on the dunes naturally with the tide. Although, I believe with the ocean rising this may mean more sand is submerged so that may be more of a problem.

      • 5 months ago

      As life member of Porthtowan Surf Club I despair of yet another lunatic scheme for this beach. If they are not removed before the weather breaks them up the debris will remain mixed into the sand dunes for decades. This needles me and will everyone for years.

    • Michael Thompson CAMBORNE, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 5 months ago

      The plan was okay but it was completed in the wrong way in that the trees were planted upright instead of pinned down to create a solid foundation. The Council need to stop blaming everyone else, take responsibility and fix this problem for the long term.

    • andrea nash CAMBORNE, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 5 months ago

      The beach looks awful now!


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