Cop Killed my Dog, I WANT JUSTICE
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Cop Killed my Dog, I WANT JUSTICE

    1. Blake Merritt
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      Blake Merritt

      Jonestown, TX

My name is Blake Merritt, Today the Jonestown Police department shot and killed our family dog. My dog was in our back yard with my two daughters, Makiah 7 and Lailah 3. They were playing with the dogs when Humphrey (our dog) went to the privacy fence between our yard and the neighbors. one picket was missing and Humphrey got his head in there and was stuck. the neighbors pit bull/ mastiff mauled his face and pulled him through the fence breaking a second picket in the fence. My wife had my crying girls go inside and ran with a broom to get the pit bullmastiff to release Humphreys face, to no success. The cops were called and they immediatly asked which dog was the nieghbors, then they ran to my dog sprayed him with pepper spray and without hesitation pulled his gun and shot Humphrey in the neck and just walked away and left him there to suffer.The cops openly admitted that he was not being agressive towards the officers but he had the other dog by the throat and almost killed the other dog. this was not a fact, because when i did arrive on the scene( about 30 minutes after Humphrey was shot), I took pictures and video of the other dog, without any blood and he was running around barking as if nothing happened. He needed no medical attention at all. Unfortunetly I was in town running errands when Tiffany called me histerical about what had just happened. I started home as fast as I could and called my sister in law, asked her to please take my dying dog to the ER and save his life. Before she arrived to the Hospital, Humphrey was gone. We lost one of our family members and can never forget the irresponsable action that the Jonestown Police Officer practiced when he arrived to the scene. After everything we got a sitation for loose dog and the cops showed no compassion or concern in front of my already devistated kids. And he threatened my wife for being upset after witnessing the murder of our dog, Humphrey. I do believe in our peace officers and have no problems with pitbulls or any family pets, but I do want to make sure this doent happen to another family and the officer involved needs to be hel accountable before another pet or a person gets shot. Humphrey was a gentle loving dog, he was our inside dog and always went to public events with us and never had an incident with another animal or person. we went to dog parks, outdoor concerts, lakes and so many other places over the 5 years that he was with us and never, not once was he agressive! R.I.P. Humphrey Bogart, we will always miss you! please sign the petition below and pass it on. I want justice for my dog and the trauma that my children have endured throughout this tragec loss to our family!

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    • Rosemary Bernier NORFOLK, MA
      • over 2 years ago

      These police killings have got to stop! Cops are constantly saying they were in fear for their lives but 99% is NOT true!! Put this cop away and fire him so he can't do this to another family again!!!

    • theresa vierra LYNNWOOD, WA
      • over 2 years ago

      These killings need to stop!!!!

    • barbara ann rickus HICKSVILLE, NY
      • over 2 years ago

      These gun happy cops need to be stopped - this is like the fifth story ive heard about these inhumane cops shooting innocent animals -then lie "the dog attacked" please!! lies to cover there abuse... they need to be held accountable - they shoot a innocent dog in the neck and walk away?????? are they kidding me! he wasnt even near them - this abuse has to end..they shoot innocent animals and they walk off!!!NO WAY JUSTICE FOR HUMPHREY

    • Sunnie DelaCruz SAN LEANDRO, CA
      • over 2 years ago visit my facebook page to see why it's important that we sign this petition and any other petition demanding justice for a murdered pet.

    • sandra carrington BROOKLYN, NY
      • over 2 years ago

      I am signing because officers with guns need special training when it comes to animals. On Sunday a court officer from queens ny shot my dog for no reason other than he could. Officers are using there guns to satisfy there own needs and something has to be done. I am deeply sorry for your loss.


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